Protesters across the country have gathered to express their grief over the death of George Floyd, as well as push back on racism and police brutality. On May 31, one man was caught on camera setting fire to Fowler Avenue's Champs Sports. Tampa police are currently searching for the suspect. The video has been publicly released with a call for help uncovering his identity.

In a video posted to the Tampa Police Department’s Facebook page, the 16-second reel shows an African-American man of unknown age skipping up to a broken window of the sporting goods store. 

The video shows the man tossing an unidentified item caught on fire through the hole. When he turns, his profile is in clear view of the recording camera, but the video quality makes it difficult to make out more distinct features.

The camera then pans across the rest of the parking lot, showing nearby crowds.

The building endured thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Though the act was committed on May 31, the video was posted yesterday to Tampa Police Department’s Facebook page.

On Saturday night, May 30, a few different businesses across Tampa also saw damage, including a fire set at a Mobil gas station on North 30th Street and East Busch Boulevard.

Parent company Foot Locker, Inc.'s Chairman and CEO, Dick Johnson, released a statement on social media expressing his sadness over recent events and the company's support for the community.

He declared that Foot Locker Inc. is a company that truly values diversity and inclusion and called for the community to continue to work towards safety and support for all.

The statement was originally sent to the company's team members but was later shared on Twitter by Champs Sports.

The Tampa Police Department asks that anyone who can identify the man in the video contact Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay, Inc with information.