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On April 11, a Florida Humane Society alerted the public that a puppy was "flung" into the shelter's play yard the night before Easter, and the man who did it was caught on their surveillance video.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

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The highly anticipated Cuban Sandwich Festival is coming to the Floridian cities of Kissimmee and Tampa/Ybor City this spring season.

The festival is free, and it features some of the best Cuban sandwiches from across the globe. You can indulge in dozens of samples of the classic dish.

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A petition is circulating online requesting the termination of a Florida teacher after years of reported complaints of bullying against students. The jump-start for the appeal was when he allegedly called a biracial student a "mutt."

The Tampa educator in question, Todd Harvey, reportedly teaches at Wharton High School as part of the Hillsborough County School System and has since the '90s.

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If you're headed to Florida's beaches and the ocean looks as though it's a crimson shade, it's most likely because certain towns are seeing high concentrations of toxic algae blooms in the water, also known as "red tide."

This single-celled phytoplankton is harmful to both marine life and humans, and is currently on Florida's West Coast. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), it's being seen in the Naples area all the way up to St. Petersburg.

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A woman at the Tampa International Airport tried to hide her pet snake in her luggage and get it through TSA. However, the X-ray machine spotted it in her carry-on right away and, of course, the snake was not allowed on the plane.

The woman said the four-inch snake was her "emotional support" animal, according to TSA Spokesperson, Lisa Farbstein.

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