A Puppy Was 'Flung' Over A 6-Foot  Fence At A Humane Society & They're Looking For Who Did It

He needs extensive care.

The puppy who was flung. Right: The puppy  with a towel around him.
Florida Associate Editor

The puppy who was flung. Right: The puppy with a towel around him.

On April 11, a Florida Humane Society alerted the public that a puppy was "flung" into the shelter's play yard the night before Easter, and the man who did it was caught on their surveillance video.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

The former owner grabbed the four-month-old dog by the skin of his neck and threw the animal over a six-foot fence, according to the Tampa Bay shelter's Facebook post.

The PSA read: "He was found on Easter morning by the staff who came to take care of the animals, limping, covered in his own feces, and extremely hungry. He was named Sonny because, despite the awful way he was treated, he has a happy and sweet personality!"

They found Sonny had sustained a humerus fracture in his leg and are giving him the proper extensive care before putting him up for adoption.

The Humane Society was unable to see the license plate on their cameras or identify the man's face, and they are asking for help to identify him.

When his adorable photos were revealed in the Facebook upload, it tugged at locals' heartstrings and those across the country wanting to adopt or foster. One user asked about fostering Sonny and doing so in Texas!

The shelter mentioned he's not available to be adopted just yet, as they are caring for his leg until he's all healed.

Many others loaded up the comment section with their prayers for the baby boy and wished him a safe place for his forever home:

"Sad that the owner couldn’t take the time to surrender him in a safe manner. Thank goodness Sonny is with you now. Once he has healed he will have a wonderful new family to love and care for him. He’s adorable. Best of luck Sonny boy!"

A lot of people also thanked the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for nursing him back to health.

If you know any information about the former owner, they request you email them (communications@humanesocietytampa.org).

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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