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Florida Is Hosting A Worldwide Cuban Sandwich Festival That You Can't Miss

Tampa is hosting a Cuban Sandwich Festival next month.
Florida Is Hosting A Worldwide Cuban Sandwich Festival That You Can't Miss

We all love a good Cuban sandwich. But, have you ever tried different variations of the Cuban sandwich? Tampa is hosting a worldwide Cuban Sandwich festival with the best sandwiches you’ll ever try.

This is the 8th annual Cuban Sandwich Festival taking place in Centennial Park-Ybor City, FL next month. The festival is free and it features the best Cuban sandwiches from around the world. Yes, that’s right! You'll have the opportunity to taste the best sandwiches ever.

A Cuban sandwich is not like any other sandwich. It's not your typical Subway foot long. The Cuban sandwich has flavor and all the right ingredient including 'lechon'. The festival will take place on March 30th and it will feature the world's biggest Cuban sandwich to reach up to 170 feet long. Once the sandwich is made, it will be donated to feed the homeless.

You can also participate in making the largest sandwich in the world. Guests will have the opportunity to taste delicious sandwiches and food from The Cuban Spot, Tampa Sandwich Bar, and other vendors.  

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The festival is free and all you need is an empty stomach to eat all the food you can. There will be live music, performances, and even a Kids Cuban Sandwich Showdown. The big day worldwide competition will be on March 31st where participants will attempt to break the longest Cuban sandwich record. 

In 2018, they made a 162 ft Cuban sandwich. But, this year it will be larger and tastier.

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If you're not into sandwiches, the event will also have other Cuban food that you can try. This is an event every foodie should attend.

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