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​Florida Artist Goes Viral Over Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings Of Sandwiches

The artist was a former art professor at Florida State University!

Georgia Staff Writer
Oil paintings of sandwiches by Noah Verrier.

Oil paintings of sandwiches by Noah Verrier.

This Florida artist has gone viral on Twitter the past few weeks for posting his unconventional food art — oil paintings of our favorite foods from childhood.

Noah Verrier is a Tallahassee resident and former art professor at Florida State University who specializes in alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil paintings. However, the traditional still life of a bowl of fruit piques no interest in Verrier, "See, that stuff is boring to me," he tells Narcity.

When it comes to cultivating inspiration, the painter draws from parts of his everyday life.

"What I enjoy most is working from life. Through the act of quietly observing, my aim is to accurately yet personally discern color and light. My subjects have included still life, portrait, landscape, and small daily paintings. Not unlike the great painterly realists of the late 19th century, my work emerges through painting directly, while striving to retain gesture and emotion," states his website's bio.

His post of a grilled cheese sandwich from March 2 quickly rose to nearly half a million likes. In the following days, he shared his work of BLTs, and PB&Js with similar success.

When asked his reaction to the widespread sharing of his work, Verrier replied, "It’s crazy, that’s awesome. I’m just thankful. You know as an artist you’re always trying to put your work out there and hope that more people see it, so I’m really just thankful that people are liking what they’re seeing."

The MFA artist said there is no plan for any gallery showings or special events at this time, but he is very open to it in the future.

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