It's never a boring day in Florida, and just when you think it might be, two fire medics may just come to the rescue. Proving this point, on July 4, Clearwater Fire Medics Kenny Sweitzer Jr. and Tyler Whitfield helped deliver Aiden Easterday in a less-than-typical situation.

Today, the family met again for some less-than-typical baby photos, and the internet is loving it.

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Photos of the meet-up were shared just over an hour ago on the department's page, and the comment section is quickly filling with praises.

"Thank you Fire Medic Kenny Sweitzer Jr & Fire Medic Tyler Whitfield. We are all so proud of you and all of Clearwater Fire & Rescue," one Facebook user commented.

The post already has dozens of shares, likes, and comments.

Via Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department