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A floating chair. Right: Southshore Bay Lagoon.

A floating chair. Right: Southshore Bay Lagoon.

There are two lagoons in Florida that will make you feel like you stepped right off a plane and walked straight into a tropical paradise. It's not an island oasis, but it sure looks like it could be the Maldives.

The extraordinary Metro Lagoons are located near the Tampa area. The Epperson Lagoon is at 31885 Overpass Rd, Wesley Chapel, FL and the Southshore Bay Lagoon is at 16881 Lagoon Shore Blvd., Wimauma, FL.

Epperson Lagoon

Epperson Lagoon features a swim-up bar, a cabana cove, floating obstacle course, a shoreline beach, slides, sandbar and even a tiny island escape, "no boat required." This is the best way to enjoy coastal living without going on vacation.

The blue waters are surrounded by a resort-style setup with the best tropical relaxation amenities. Guests have the opportunity to paddle board and kayak while enjoying an incredible panoramic view that is is crystal clear.

In addition to the water activities, this lagoon is eco-friendly as it uses 100 times fewer chemical products and 50 times less energy than traditional swimming pools.

The Epperson Lagoon is over 7 acres making it a one-of-a-kind amenity that features palm trees, shady beaches, and the best of what looks like the Caribbean. Non-residents are welcomed to purchase tickets online to visit the lagoon for a limited time.

Tickets are $35.

Southshore Bay Lagoon

At Southshore Bay Lagoon, you can get similar amenities, such as clamshell shaped lounge chairs, floating cabana rentals, kayaks and an inflatable obstacle course.

There's a hub area here where you can relax on a turf, as well. The difference between the two lagoons is that Southshore Bay is a little smaller. It is five acres, whereas Epperson is over seven acres.

You can relax at the sandbar, dip your toes in the crystal clear waters and relax the day away. This lagoon is also $35 for a day pass.

The MetroLagoons will have two more locations coming soon to Fort Myers, FL and San Antonio, FL.

This article has been updated since June 6, 2019.

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