Texas Is Under A Winter Storm Warning & The Resurfacing Ted Cruz Memes Are Ice Cold

Will he fly south again?

Desk Editor, Texas
Cold day in Austin, TX. Right: Ted Cruz.

Cold day in Austin, TX. Right: Ted Cruz.

The National Weather Service (NWS) released a Winter Storm Warning for much of the state of Texas that will be in effect until Wednesday, February 1.

The north and western central areas of the Lone Star State will experience freezing rain with chances of sleet. According to the NWS, ice accumulations can be between one-tenth and one-half of an inch.

Additionally, the West Central Texas zone can expect several rounds of mixed wintry precipitation, being heavier on Monday night.

These weather conditions will most likely impact travel from Monday to Tuesday night, while bridges and overpasses can be the first to become icy and slick.

The NWS warning has many Twitter users going back in time and resurfacing memes about a certain Texas politician who went to Cancún in Mexico during a weather crisis in 2021. That’s right! We’re talking about Ted Cruz.

The United States Senator from Texas became a viral meme after he flew to the Mexican beaches with his family while millions of Texans were facing water and power shortages due to inclement winter weather registered in February of 2021.

"With the current Winter Storm Warning, what are the odds that Cruz is getting his Cancún gear ready?", video editor and producer JH Edits tweeted.

"With Texas under a Winter Storm Warning, hopeful nature watchers flock to catch a glimpse of the Spineless Groveller’s annual migration," another Twitter user posted along with a cartoon with Cruz’s silhouette in it.

The weather advisory is set to be cleared this Wednesday at 6 a.m.

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Fernanda Leon
Desk Editor, Texas
Fernanda Leon is an Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on Texas and is based in El Paso, Texas.