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These 7 Japanese Zen Gardens In The US Are The Perfect Spots To Ease Your Worried Mind

Take a deep breath and stroll through a field of bliss. 🌸
These 7 Japanese Zen Gardens In The US Are The Perfect Spots To Ease Your Worried Mind

The past year has been extremely stressful for many as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but Japanese gardens might be the best place to visit in order to enjoy an afternoon of tranquillity.

This list will show you some of the best Japanese zen gardens in the country that will allow you to leave all of your pandemic blues behind and focus on finding peace in a world that has been so chaotic for what seems like an eternity.

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Price: $18/person

Address: 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Why You Need To Go: Those looking to escape the big city life in New York can find peace at this botanical garden as it offers an incredible display of cherry blossoms and Japanese-inspired scenery.

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

Price: $4/person

Address: 2400 S Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO

Why You Need To Go: This gorgeous garden offers everything you need to have a peaceful afternoon, including a large koi pond, meditation garden, and a tea house.

Anderson Japanese Garden

Price: *Spring 2021 prices coming soon

Address: 318 Spring Creek Rd, Rockford, IL

Why You Need To Go: Perhaps the most colorful garden on the list, the Anderson Japanese garden offers jaw-dropping trees and structures along with unbelievable waterfalls and koi fish.

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Price: $12/person

Address: Lansdowne Dr &, Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA

Why You Need To Go: This authentic Japanese garden offers more than just gorgeous trees and architecture, as its central building doubles as an art museum where you can see classic paintings done by Hiroshi Senju.

Seattle Japanese Garden

Price: $8/person

Address: 1075 Lake Washington Blvd E, Seattle, WA

Why You Need To Go: This garden presents some of the most beautiful greenery in the entire country. Gorgeous trees, plants, and Japanese structures will guide you on a peaceful journey through the 3.5-acre sanctuary.

Japanese Tea Garden

Price: $12/person

Address: 75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA

Why You Need To Go: At this Japanese tea garden you'll be able to fill your mind with nothing but peaceful vibes as you stroll through the gorgeous scenery and sip on meditative tea.

Portland Japanese Garden

Price: $19.95/person

Address: 611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR

Why You Need To Go: This beautiful garden is nestled in the mountains of Portland. Nobuo Matsunaga, the former Ambassador of Japan to the United States, calls this garden "the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan."

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