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‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Trailer Shows Elle In An Awkward Love Triangle

Get ready for a drama-filled ride!
The Kissing Booth 2

True love conquers all! In the recently released trailer for The Kissing Booth 2, we see Elle begin her senior year of high school as her boyfriend heads off to Harvard University. However, a long-distance relationship isn’t the only battle she’ll have to face this year.

In the first film, viewers watched as Elle tried to hide her major crush on her best friend’s older brother, Noah.

Eventually, after facing some ups and downs, the pair accepted their feelings for one another and began dating. Unfortunately for Elle, her new beau would be heading off to post-secondary when summer ends.

In the trailer for The Kissing Booth 2, Elle reveals that she and Noah spent the entire summer together going on fun dates and making the most of their young love. Now that he’s off at Harvard, she’s ready to take on senior year with her best friend, Flynn, by her side.

As the year goes on, Elle is introduced to a new student named Marco who’s described as “a snack” by the popular girls. Despite her relationship with Noah, the temptation here at home is real.

On top of the new eye candy, Elle also has to deal with the fact that Noah has temptations of his own at school, causing some tension between the two.

As if that wasn’t enough, Elle also feels pressure to attend Harvard so that she can see Noah, even though she and Flynn have always dreamed of going to Berkley together.

“This is definitely a problem,” she can be heard saying in the trailer.

As the immense pressure on Elle’s shoulders continues to grow, she finds herself confiding in Marco.

“Do you think you and Noah were meant to be together?” he asks.

“I always thought we were,” she replies in the video clip.

Only time will tell if Elle and Noah’s love can survive the distance, or if the sparks between her and Marco will ignite into something even bigger.

The Kissing Booth 2 hits Netflix on July 24. You can check out the drama-filled trailer below.

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