‘The Sinner’ Season 4 Will ‘Dig Even Deeper’ Into Detective Ambrose’s Psyche

The series just got renewed for a new season!
‘The Sinner’ Season 4 Will ‘Dig Even Deeper’ Into Detective Ambrose’s Psyche

The dark crimes continue! Fans of Detective Ambrose can rejoice because The Sinner season 4 is officially happening. The USA Network renewed the anthology drama series for another round which will take a deeper look into the mind of the beloved investigator who's led the past three seasons. 

According to Deadline, the fourth season is set to premiere in 2021. Star Bill Pullman will return as Detective Harry Ambrose, but there's no word yet on who he will star opposite. 

Showrunner and executive producer, Derek Simonds, will also return alongside executive producers Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, and Charlie Gogolak, per Deadline.

Chris McCumber, president of USA Network and Syfy, said in a statement that "The Sinner has struck a chord with audiences with its signature 'whydunit' style. In season four, we’re excited to dig even deeper into the psyche of Bill Pullman’s beloved Detective Ambrose character, while introducing our audience to a compelling, completely new mystery."

Each season follows Ambrose delving into the stories of mysterious murders convicted by seemingly innocent people.

Season one starred Jessica Biel as Cora Tannetti, a woman who suddenly stabs a man to death while lounging at the beach with her family. She has no recollection of why she committed the crime, but the detective ends up unveiling dark secrets about her past that led to her outrageous act.

In season two, a young boy named Julian Walker, played by Elisha Henig, confesses to the crime of poisoning a couple.

Ambrose uncovers that the boy's past includes being born to a mother who was raped and impregnated and then being adopted by a woman who's part of a communal living compound with bizarre and restricting rules.

Both season one and two are available for streaming on Netflix Canada. However, we're still waiting on season three to drop, which recently finished airing its eight episodes in March.

The third season starred Matt Bomer as Jamie Burns, the victim of a tragic car accident that Ambrose is assigned to investigate. Much to his surprise, the detective uncovers a hidden crime that's part of the case and is one of the most disturbing he's explored in his career.

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