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These Samsung Devices Will Make Life As A Student Easier

And they'll help you do more this school year too.

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These Samsung Devices Will Make Life As A Student Easier

There’s nothing quite like student life when it comes to juggling commitments. There are papers to turn in, exams to study for, friends to keep up with — not to mention a part-time job and carving out a little "me time" to refuel.

With so much on your plate, a smooth setup can help you get that feeling of accomplishment — complete with powerful tools that enable you to own your day.

If you’ve ever gone through a day at university wishing your tablet had your laptop’s power, or your computer was as convenient as your phone, the new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Series and Galaxy Tab S8 Series are here for you.

Here’s how these sleek and easy-to-carry devices can help you keep up with all that school, work and life are asking of you this semester.

Galaxy Devices To Stay On Track Throughout The Day

Student life is a challenge — with a jam-packed schedule of early-morning lectures and late-night cram sessions. But it’s a challenge you can take on, especially if you have a laptop that will keep up with you from dusk to dawn.

Alyssa Naylor

With the power of Galaxy in your PC, the Galaxy Book2 has a long-lasting battery that you can rely on to live a cord-free life. And if your batteries happen to need a top-up during the day, you can simply carry one lightweight charger for all your Galaxy devices. Its fast-charging capabilities will get you back on task with 40% battery power restored in just half an hour1.

As a student, you use your phone for everything, including recording lectures and capturing assignment schedules. Save yourself hours of note-taking and snap a photo of a friend’s meticulous notes with your Galaxy smartphone. Quick Share 2 the images to your Galaxy Book2 or Galaxy Tab S8 and move on with your day.

Switch It Up With The Galaxy Book2 360

Stay on top of your new school year with devices that are adaptable to your unique style of learning. Sail through studying during exam season or whiz through the final round of edits on the latest essay from your bed, sitting (or standing) on transit or huddled up in a lecture hall.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 has a super versatile two-in-one design that transforms it from a laptop to a tablet in moments — so you always have what you need. On the bus? Work from tablet mode. At your desk? Laptop it is!

Alyssa Naylor

Slim, stylish and super-fast, the Galaxy Book2 360 matches your study habits and personal pace, whether you’re working on assignments side by side or managing your blog.

Tackle Your To-Do List & More With The Samsung S Pen

Today, even note-taking needs to be adaptable. Meet the Samsung S Pen 3, which allows you to write notes in tablet mode, channel your organizational skills or draw a personalized to-do list for yourself. If you’re in a creative mood: Embellish your journal or create a custom illustration for your pal.

It’s super responsive, which gives it that pen-to-paper feel, and you can even mark up your PDFs to highlight or draw diagrams on the margin. Flip back to the keyboard when you’re sitting down and polish off the formatting to your heart’s content.

The Samsung Notes App is super handy for creating notes containing text, images with footnotes, voice recordings and music. Convert your handwritten scribbles to text automatically and sync across your Galaxy devices. This means that no matter where you are, you can always capture that great idea on the go.

Get Creative & Stay Productive Thanks To The Galaxy Tab S8

Studying was never the same again once tablets arrived on the scene, and this one is super cool with a larger screen and a sleek display. Available in three different models — the Galaxy Tab S8, the S8+ and S8 Ultra — the premium Galaxy Tab S8 Series allows you to choose your perfect study buddy.

Wirelessly connect your Galaxy Tab S84 as a second screen to your laptop, just as you would any monitor. Except this time, there are no annoying HDMI cables involved. Jot down notes on one device while you tackle the group chat for your project on the other.

Alyssa Naylor

Take it from Galaxy user, Holistic Nutrition student and Samsung Influencer Alyssa Naylor 5: "I love to use my Galaxy Book2 and my Galaxy Tab S8+ together, so I can create my to-do list for the day and take notes for my studying at the exact same time on the same screen, with the click of a button."

Start fresh the next morning and finish that essay or pursue your passion project, regardless of where you are — the train, a café, your kitchen table or a park. The Snapdragon processor sets you up to be ready for any task or project. And if you need to play some lo-fi jams to help you focus, the Galaxy Buds26 connect seamlessly to your devices.

Whether you opt for a Galaxy Book2, its two-in-one counterpart Galaxy Book2 360, or any of the Galaxy Tab S8 Series (or, even better, a combo of them), tackle your school year knowing that your tech has your back.

To find out more about how Samsung Canada can streamline your semester, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

    1. Battery life tested under third-party laboratory condition. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors. Battery pack sold separately. Based on laboratory testing.
    2. Quick Share is available on Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy Books, on Android 10 and One UI2.1 and above. Available devices and features may subject to change. Requires BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Wi-Fi Direct connection to enable Quick Share.
    3. Samsung S Pen is sold separately. S Pen is only included with the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. The Galaxy Book2 Pro and S Pen are not compatible.
    4. Second screen is available on selected Galaxy Tablet models only, including Galaxy Tab S7, S7+, S7 FE, S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra.
    5. In partnership with Samsung Canada.
    6. All Galaxy products sold separately.