Water is part of the Sunshine State's undeniable DNA. The liquid sunshine is everywhere, from the beaches to the springs. With so many places to cool off here, there are plenty of cheap spots to swim in Florida.

If you can brave finding a parking spot, most of the state's beaches are either so cheap that your wallet won't notice a thing, or completely free for all those who venture to the state's beautiful coastlines.

Take, for example, Clearwater: home to some of Florida's most famous beaches that are not only free for visitors but also accessible by public transit, allowing you to avoid the hassle of battling the crowded parking lots on a hot Florida day.

Inland Florida outside of Orlando is often an overlooked swath of land, but the expanse of green space between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean provides its own cheap swimming paradise.

This fertile land is home to the state's refreshing springs that are often cheap, and sometimes free to visit.

So if you have $5 in your pocket, and you're tired of letting the AC be your only source of a cool down, there are plenty of cheap spots to take a swim in the beautiful Sunshine State.

Clearwater Beach

Price: Free 

Where: Clearwater, FL

Why You Should Go: Clearwater Beach has a ton of things to do, but the beach is, and always will be, the main attraction; and, it's free! 


Jetty Park 

Price: $5 

Where: Cocoa Beach, FL  

Why You Should Go: You'll have a ton of beach choices to choose from on the Atlantic side of the state, but if you're pressed for cash and need a beach spot, you can't go wrong with the beauty of Jetty Park. 


Jensen Beach 

Price: Free

Where: Jenson Beach, FL 

Why You Should Go: With all of the great beach spots in South Florida, Jensen Beach is a true hidden gem. Not only is most of the beach free, but it's also a great spot to get and relax from the region's hustle-and-bustle. 


Lido Key Beach

Price: Free 

Where: Sarasota, FL 

Why You Should Go: While most make a beeline to Siesta Key, Lido Key Beach is just as beautiful, and comes with the added bonuses of being less crowded and more peaceful than its southern neighbor. 


Rainbow Springs 

Price: $2 

Where: 19158 SW 82st Place Rd., Dunnellon, FL 

Why You Should Visit: Inland Florida is full of great swimming spots as well, one of which is Rainbow Springs, and inexpensive spot with crystal-blue water and plenty of things to do. 


Harry Harris Park 

Price: $5 

Address/City: 50 E Beach Rd., Tavernier, FL 

Why You Should Visit: This Upper Keys beach park provides the perfect day getaway from the city and the heat, all for the price of a fast-food value meal. 


You don't need to have a lot of money to enjoy swimming the cool waters of Florida. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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