This 'Affordable' Cruise Ship Will Let You Live At Sea & Travel The World At The Same Time

"Sea" the world from the comfort of your new home! 🛳️

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This 'Affordable' Cruise Ship Will Let You Live At Sea & Travel The World At The Same Time

Ever wonder what it would feel like to live life on a cruise ship?

A company called Storylines is offering people the chance to live a Suite Life On Deck with its new live-in cruise ship, where you can actually own or lease a unit onboard while travelling the seas.

Setting sail in 2024, the MV Narrative will have 547 residences ranging from 247 to 1,940 square feet, according to the company.

While buying one of these units will set you back anywhere from $875,000 to $8 million, Storylines says it will also have a limited number of rooms available for a 12-24 year* lease starting from $400,000.

OK, so $400K is still pretty steep, but Storylines says it will have financing options to help you live your dream of living at sea.

While owning property on a ship might not be for everybody, Storylines will allow owners to rent out their units when they aren't using them, so there should be plenty of options for those on smaller budgets.


There are units available with one to four bedrooms, meaning you can get plenty of space to host your family or friends.

Most of the rooms feature a balcony, perfect for sitting and watching the sun set over the ocean from your floating home.

"Our owner residents want to be able to sleep outside under the stars, watch outdoor movies, play pickleball on an open deck, walk their dogs and dine al fresco," said Storylines Sales Director Irina Strembitsky in a press release.

Guests will have access to 20 restaurants, a microbrewery, movie theatre, golf simulator, bowling alley, art studio and three sundeck pools among other amenities.

There's also a gym onboard because let's face it, you can't always be sitting by the pool relaxing!

This ship is set to make its way around the world every 1,000 days, giving residents multiple days to explore at each port.

A sample itinerary on the site includes stops in several cities in Italy, Slovenia, Malta, Montenegro and Croatia over a three-month period, so there'll be lots to see if you do get on board.

The best part is you can vote on staying at some ports longer, as this ship is not confined to the typical itinerary of a passenger cruise ship!

The living opportunity is great if you're tired of living in a land house — and you've got the cash.

MV Narrative


Price: $400,000 - $8,000,000

Address: The wide, open sea

Description: Live on a luxury cruise ship and travel the world from the comfort of your own home at sea.

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