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Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Hot Chocolate Bomb Easter Egg

Mandalorian fans... this one is for you. You can get hot chocolate bombs with a Baby Yoda-mallow hidden inside right in time for Easter

What more could you ask for than a chocolate egg that melts into warm drinkable goodness and then BAM! out pops a little marshmallow Baby Yoda.

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Disney might be milking their Baby Yoda merch but we really don't mind this one. 

For just $5.99, you can buy this adorable alien toddler treat for your Star Wars loving bestie, S.O. or honestly just for yourself.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Hot Chocolate Bomb Easter Egg Galerie Candy

"Each magic hot chocolate melt can be dissolved in a cup of hot milk to reveal a marshmallow surprise," says the candy company's website. 

Not only will the chocolate be melting but so will your heart, just like every time you see Baby Yoda on screen in The Mandalorian

Move over Easter Bunny, Baby Yoda is taking your place in 2021. 

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