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This Canadian Brand Sells Plant-Based Favourites Perfect For Your Cozy Friday Night Feast

And their founder's on a cross-country mission to show Canadians just how good their products are.

The Plant-Based Food Made By This Canadian Company Is Perfect For Meat-Free Monday
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Your go-to dish is your favourite for a reason: it's delicious. If you're trying to find ways to bring more plant-based foods into your diet (that actually taste good), you might find it a bit tricky to cater for those cozy nights in. You may even wonder if it's possible to find an alternative that hits the spot.

Whatever your case is, you might find the perfect solution to your night-in dinner woes with Sol Cuisine.

The Canadian plant-based brand was founded by Dror Balshine, a vegan and former salesman who was frustrated by the lack of options available when travelling across the country. At the time, no satisfying, good-tasting solution existed, so Dror took it upon himself to create one.

Sol Cuisine makes some stand-out meat-free fare. You can try things like Crispy Chik'n Tenders, spicy and tangy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (made with a signature Buffalo spice blend) or Crispy Tempura Filets that are crunchy, tender and oh-so-good.

So, yes, you can still get those classic dishes you might be craving, like chicken wings or fish and chips. Or, if burgers are in high demand in your household, Sol Cuisine has a wide range of options like Cauliflower Burgers or Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers. They also carry meatless meatballs and crowd-pleasing options like a plant-based roast.

As one of Canada's original plant-based brands, Sol has over 40 years of experience making plant-based foods and is committed to offering products that aren't just replacements for meat but are delicious options in their own right.

And this isn't just lip service. Dror and his "unapologetically plant-based" brand are on a mission to challenge the perception that plant-based products don't taste good.

How? Well, the plan is to get as many people as possible to try Sol Cuisine and show them the great taste of plant-based food, literally. As part of his "Mission North America" project, Dror is going door-to-door himself in an effort to win over meat eaters, vegans and everyone in between all across Canada.

Dror told Narcity that he's excited to personally cook for and connect with Canadians to show them how flavourful plant-based food can be.

"There is a myth that plant-based food can't or doesn't taste good, and that just isn't the case," he said.

"Sol Cuisine has a reputation of being one of the best-kept secrets in the vegan community and with so many people opting to incorporate more plant-based options into their diets, we are on a mission to show that plant-based doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste or nutrition."

You might be wondering how people can possibly make the leap to plant-based and feel satisfied. If that's the case, Dror suggests dipping your toes into the meat-free world by introducing plant-based meals one day per week and increasing from there.

"Alternatively, [...] think about switching one meal each day to be plant-based instead," Dror said. "There are so many good plant-based options out there — you just have to go out and explore, try different things until you find the options you like!"

For Sol's first "mission" in August, Dror went to Canada's meat-eating capital: Alberta. He received such a positive response that many meat-eating Albertans couldn't even tell the meals were plant based.

Curious where the team is headed next? You'll have to wait to find out, but they plan to expand the horizons of Canadians from coast to coast with some of Sol's tasty products. Dror might even be coming to you!

In the meantime, you can find Sol Cuisine products at health-food stores and major supermarkets across the country.

Follow Dror on his journey here or find your closest Sol Cuisine retailer on their website. You can also follow the brand on Instagram or Facebook for meal inspiration.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Emma Caplan-Fisher
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio
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