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I Only Ate Plant-Based Dinners For A Whole Week & This Is What I Made

From "fish" tacos and rice bowls to veggie burgers and wings.

Contributing writer
I Only Ate Plant-Based Dinners For A Whole Week & This Is What I Made

With a new year on the horizon (and a whirlwind 2021), you might be thinking about turning over a new leaf come January 1. Maybe you want to read more, train for a triathlon or simply eat more plant-based meals.

If the latter is your resolution of choice, you're not alone. Many people are turning to plant-based foods for all sorts of reasons. Personally, I want to get more balance in my diet and help out the planet more. So I figured, why not get a head start?

For a week, I decided to only eat plant-based meals for dinner in the hope that this habit will stick with me in 2022. I still wanted to be excited by what I was cooking, so I decided to incorporate a Sol Cuisine product into each dinner.

Sol Cuisine is one of Canada's OG plant-based brands. After more than 40 years in the business, this company has had time to perfect the craft of animal-free foods.

These days, Sol Cuisine makes and sells things like hot and spicy "chicken" wings, veggie burgers, crispy tempura "fish" filets, Italian-style "meatballs," "chicken" bites and cauliflower wings — and I tried them all.

This is what I made for dinner this week.

Monday: Extreme Griller Burgers & Fries

Courtesy of Melina Brum

The Extreme Griller Burgers are among my favourite Sol Cuisine items I've tried. They were flavourful and easy to make, and I decided to pair them with fries (because, duh).

These burgers were rather thin. But besides that, I couldn't even tell the difference between this and one made of meat. It's not the only burger I ate this week, but if it were, it would have satisfied my cravings on its own.

Tuesday: Hot & Spicy Chik'n Wings & Pizza

Courtesy of Melina Brum

These Hot & Spicy Chik'n Wings are breaded with a crispy coating that definitely turned up the heat.

While I loved these, they were more reminiscent of nuggets than wings (due to the whole boneless situation). I ate these plant-based wings alongside some thin crust pizza because, well, why not?

For what it's worth, my family shared this meal with me, and they were pretty impressed.

Wednesday: Crispy Chik'n Bites & Roasted Veggies

Courtesy of Melina Brum

To make a full meal with the Crispy Chik'n Bites, I decided to add some roasted veggies to my plate. I must say, the two were a match made in heaven.

The bites came with some barbecue sauce that I didn't hate but also could've gone without. When eating these bites in the future, I'll opt out of using the sauce.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed these Chik'n Bites, and they're a yummy plant-based alternative for popcorn chicken!

Thursday: Zesty Italian Style Meatballs & Spaghetti

Courtesy of Melina Brum

Listen, I'm Italian, and I'll tell you right now — there's no substitute for Nonna's meatballs. But if you're in need of an alternative, Sol Cuisine's Zesty Italian Style "Meatballs” do the trick.

To my surprise, the texture is similar to classic meatballs that I've tried, and you can definitely taste the zesty herbs. Once you combine them with your favourite pasta and sauce, these morsels will blend right in.

I knew going in that I would be hard to impress on the meatball front, but I came around.

Friday: Sweet Chili Cauliflower Wings & Rice

Courtesy of Melina Brum

These Sweet Chili Cauliflower Wings look like they basically belong in a plant-based rice bowl, so that's exactly what I made. Though it wasn’t fancy, this rice bowl was delicious (especially once you load it up with sriracha, like me).

The coating balanced the sweet and spicy flavours without overpowering the cauliflower. These wings were by far the best cauliflower-based food I've ever eaten.

Saturday: "Fish" Tacos With Crispy Tempura Filets

Courtesy of Melina Brum

Ever since watching a certain documentary about overfishing (you know the one), I've tried my best to steer clear of eating fish.

This was a challenge since one of my favourite meals is, tragically, fish tacos. So when I tell you that I was the most excited to try the Crispy Tempura Filets, you understand why. And boy did these filets deliver.

They're light, tender and just the thing to satisfy my fish taco craving. Sol Cuisine has even managed to give them a mouthwatering flaky texture. These filets have already become a staple in my freezer.

Sunday: Mushroom & Wild Rice Burgers With A Side Of Salad

Courtesy of Melina Brum

I told you there was another burger coming, except I swapped the fries for a salad this time (balance, y'all).

I'm not going to lie, I was nervous about how these Mushroom & Wild Rice Burgers would taste. Mushroom and wild rice struck me as a sort of "meh" combo, but I couldn't have been more wrong. If I had to compare it to the Extreme Griller, I'd say this one was more herby.

With some vegan cheese and some ketchup, I made a cute little cheeseburger. The Mushroom & Wild Rice Burgers get a 10/10 from me; I would certainly have them again.

Eating plant-based dinners for a whole week surprised me. With Sol Cuisine, I found it easier than expected to incorporate more plant-based items into my daily meals. Bring on the new year — this resolution is locked in.

Compared to other plant-based foods I've tried, Sol Cuisine takes the cake for the most delicious. I will 100% pick up more of their stuff next time I hit the grocery store.

My favourite meals were the "fish" tacos (feat. Crispy Tempura Filets) and the pizza and wings (feat. Hot & Spicy Chik'n Wings). If you're also wanting to make the transition into the plant-based world, these products make it easier.

The founder of Sol Cuisine, Dror Balshine, is so confident in the great taste of Sol that he has embarked on a mission to get Canadians across the company to try it.

He has been going door-to-door, sampling food while wearing a cauliflower costume and even swapping resolutions with Canadian band Walk Off The Earth in an effort to show them just how delicious plant-based foods can be. You can follow his journey here.

If you don't get the opportunity to hang out with Dror, don't worry. Sol Cuisine is available at retailers across Canada, so you can get a head start on your New Year’s resolution right now.

To learn more about their tasty plant-based products, check out Sol Cuisine's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.