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This Dating App Combines Everything You Love About Instagram, Snapchat & TikTok

The solution to your swipe fatigue.
This Dating App Combines Everything You Love About Instagram, Snapchat & TikTok

The landscape of love and dating in 2020 has been decidedly more complicated than in past years. Unable to rely on conversations in crowded bars or meeting new people at house parties, many of us have turned to the world of online dating to make meaningful connections instead. 

But swipe fatigue is real. As we swipe our way through identical profile after identical profile, it can be easy to get bored with traditional dating apps. The surface-level yay-or-nay method of dating doesn't have the same appeal it once did, especially during a (very lonely) global pandemic. 

If you're still looking for that special connection, there's a new dating app in town that's taking a refreshing approach to online dating. It's all about expressing yourself and genuine interactions. 

Giorgio Trovato | Unsplash

Designed to be different, the dating platform Spark recently launched an app in Canada that provides a fun and flirty alternative to the mindless swiping and one-size-fits-all approach of many online dating apps. 

Instead, Spark aims to connect people a little deeper by fostering creativity and individuality with interactive features that get to the bottom of what really matters when it comes to online dating, like being able to fully express yourself and make authentic connections.

Customizable features like the app's "Frames" are a unique alternative to the typical 500-character bios and let you add some flair to your profile. Much like Snapchat or Instagram, frames let you incorporate fun filters, stickers, and games so you can spend time crafting an online dating presence that's unapologetically you.

Tim Mossholder | Unsplash

Quizzes, which can be added to the frames, are another fun feature that are designed to help you make more mindful connections. For example, when you create your profile on Spark, you're encouraged to pick three images that reflect things you love. When a potential match wants to message you, they're presented with a grid of nine images — including your three picks.

If they choose your favourites, they can message you directly. Get it wrong, and they'll have to settle with a Spark notification or a wave to let you know they're interested until you decide to message them back. 

Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels

TikTok-inspired video features like "Change My Mind" are also meant to help you dig a little deeper and see the person behind the profile. Users can upload 20-second videos expressing their opinions on light-hearted topics — like whether pineapple belongs on pizza — and invite others to send in their own opinions. The responses can only be seen by the original poster, so you can go back and forth with your rebuttal for as long as the conversation flows.

Each feature on Spark is all about embracing uniqueness, so you can avoid the copy-paste hellos and get straight to the real connections with easy icebreakers. 

Brooke Cagle | Unsplash

To keep things interesting, Spark constantly adds new frames and features so you don't have to swipe through one identical profile after the next, because let's be real, there are only so many group photos and living room selfies that we can handle. 

The app's aim is to foster individuality and inclusivity, so whether you're looking for love, a new best friend, or simply want to chat with another person, Spark can be customized to your own individual needs.

If you're ready to say goodbye to mindless swiping and say hello to making real connections, you can download the Spark app today on iOS. Any singles with a Google or Samsung phone will have to wait a little longer; a release date for Android is scheduled for later in the fall. 


Download the Spark app today to start matching! You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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