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This Haunted Ghost Walk Takes You Through A Historic Village Just Outside Toronto

A scary good time.

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This Haunted Ghost Walk Takes You Through A Historic Village Just Outside Toronto

Ghost stories, reruns of your favourite scary movies, carved pumpkins and gourds — these are the joys of the spooky season. The Halloween activity that possibly delivers the most fun is figuring out which of your friends is brave — and who tends more toward a screaming sesh when startled.

See the stuff your pals are made of by taking them to experience actual paranormal activity. The stories — and maybe even spirits — of the past still haunt the Pickering Museum Village.

Taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings throughout October, Pickering Museum Village's Haunted Ghost Walk is a guided tour that will take you through the historic village at night.

Wander between inns and historic homes as you learn about the village's haunting history and lingering spirits.

According to the museum's own investigation, there have been verifiable occurrences of supernatural entities in the area. On your visit, you might glimpse the ghost of a young child in the window of a tiny cottage. Why is he still there? Your knowledgeable tour guide will spare no detail.

Courtesy of Pickering Museum Village

As you explore these heritage grounds after hours, you'll discover that the best ghost stories are the true ones. You might find yourself reaching for a hand to hold, so bring a date (who's hopefully a little braver than you).

Your guides will share their own encounters, and you might even see some unexplainable occurrences yourself. Early settler history really comes alive as the spirits make their presence known by appearing in windows or causing a chill that runs down your spine.

Word to the wise: don't linger too long in any doorways. Some ghouls have been known to close doors unexpectedly.

Courtesy of Pickering Museum Village

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this one-hour tour is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. Remember to register in advance. There are 7 time slots available each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, so you have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the not-so departed.

You can buy tickets to the only haunted walk event in all of Durham Region at the Pickering Museum Village's What's On Page. The tickets cost $25 and there's a max of nine people allowed on the tour at once.

Was it just your imagination or was it one of Pickering's former residents? There's one way to find out.

Haunted Ghost Walk At The Pickering Museum Village

Price: $25 per person

When: Thursdays to Saturdays until the end of October, with 7 time slots every evening between 6-9 p.m.

Address: 2365 Concession Rd. 6, Greenwood, ON

Why You Need To Go: This after-hours walking tour of the Pickering Museum Village is just the thing to get you and your crew in the Halloween spirit.

Check out Pickering Museum Village events online or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.