This PEI Park Has A Magical Floating Boardwalk That Leads To A Secluded White-Sand Beach

You can also find the biggest sand dunes in the province here!

An aerial view of Prince Edward Island National Park. Right: A woman walks on a floating boardwalk.

An aerial view of Prince Edward Island National Park. Right: A woman walks on a floating boardwalk.

Prince Edward Island is a breathtaking province that's home to pristine beaches and magical places, and this park on the island is one of them.

PEI National Park has so many stunning features, including a floating boardwalk that will take you to a quiet beach with white sand and gentle waves.

Greenwich, a part of PEI National Park, is where you can find the biggest sand dunes in the province, as well as hiking trails that will take you through secluded wooded areas, abandoned homestead fields and over a majestic pond.

The boardwalk trail crosses over grassy dunes and marsh areas, with lookout spots situated throughout where you can stop and learn about the area's unique ecosystem and history by checking out the interpretive signs. You can also visit the Greenwich Interpretation Centre, which features tons of exhibits about the history of the area.

Sections of the boardwalk cross over the water, so you're surrounded by the stunning blue waves.

The park features three different trails that each offer a different experience.

The 4.8-kilometre Tlaqatik trail, which is an easy hike, takes you along the edges of St. Peters Bay.

The shorter 1.1-kilometre Havre Saint Pierre trail, also easy, takes you along the bay's shores.

The moderate 4.8-kilometre Greenwich Dunes trail takes you by abandoned agricultural fields, through a forested area and over Bowley Pond, and you'll also be able to spot the stunning sand dunes on this hike.

The Greenwich Dunes trail will also lead you to Greenwich Beach, a less touristy beach that offers some privacy but is still stunning with its white sand and long shoreline.

Pack a lunch with you and spend the rest of your day soaking up the sun and enjoying the spectacular views.

Prince Edward Island National Park - Greenwich

Price: $8.50+ per adult

Address: 59 Wild Rose Rd., Greenwich, PEI

Why You Need To Go: Explore massive sand dunes and walk across a picturesque boardwalk trail to a secluded beach.

Accessibility: Partially accessible; wheelchair accessible on Havre Saint Pierre trail, Interpretation Centre is fully accessible.


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