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This Texas Football Player Attacked The Ref And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO)

The team just got removed from the playoffs despite winning the game

The great state of Texas takes two things very seriously, brisket and high school football.

But one high school team in the small town of Edinburg, Texas, seems to take the game perhaps a little too seriously after one player took out his frustrations on the referee.

The senior player, Emmanual Duron, was ejected for a late hit on a player of the opposing team, and he clearly wasn't too happy with the call as he charged at the ref and sent him to the ground with one hit.

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He’ll pay a big price for this. Have to learn from it. Still plenty of life left for him. Sadly won’t be on a football field. @CorreaToa via Twitter 

The video has since gone viral on Twitter, sparking a diverse set of reactions with some who disagree with the hit and some who agree with it.

In the clip, you can hear the crowd start screaming as the player began charging.

Some believe he shouldn't even be allowed to play football ever again.

While this person was actually thrilled to see the action take place.

Duron was escorted out of the game by police after the incident while the ref remained on the ground for a short period of time. He was eventually evaluated for concussion-like symptoms. 

The school district was even forced to pull the team out of the playoffs shortly after the game.

"The district has decided to remove the Edinburg High School football team from the playoffs after an unexpected incident involving a student that occurred during a football game on December 3, 2020," said Edinburg CISD Administration, "We extend a sincere apology to the referee and his family. On behalf of the Edinburg CISD Board of Trustees and administration, we apologize to the athletes, staff, and our school community."