Gen Z TikTok Is Roasting Millennials For Their Skinny Jeans & Side Parts

The "😂" emoji is also a big no-no.
TikTok Generation Z Millennials Skinny Jeans Side Part

Generation Z TikTok users have been roasting Millennials on the app for wearing skinny jeans and having a side part. 

Apparently, these two things are a dead give away that you're "old" and can't keep up with ever-changing fashion and culture trends. 

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There are plenty of Millennials on TikTok, so when skinny jeans and side parts were declared out of date by the youths, the demographic used the app to express their horror

Skinny jeans and side parts are a style duo that Millennials are NOT ready to give up and cannot come to terms with letting go.  

Meanwhile, Gen Z can't even bear to put skinny jeans on their bodies for more than 30 seconds

By all accounts, skinny jeans are out and mom jeans or baggy jeans are in

And to make matters worse, the crying laughing emoji has been deemed another red flag that points out which generation you belong to. 

Some Millennial users snapped back by reminding the young whippersnappers that they are part of the generation that ate Tide pods.

The day may never come when Millennials fall into line with Gen Z trends, but remember, Millennials survived the trend of low-rise jeans... so maybe it's best to let them have this one.