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Tinder Users Will Soon Be Able To Run Background Checks On Potential Dates

The app may have just got a little safer.
Tinder Users Will Soon Be Able To Run Background Checks On Potential Dates

Going in completely blind on a Tinder date may be a thing of the past thanks to an upcoming addition to the online dating application.

Match Group, Tinder's parent company, announced they are partnering with an app known as Garbo to allow people to quickly perform a background check on a person before meeting them.

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The app will allow people to check a potential date's historical information including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment, and other violent crimes at a currently unknown cost.

"Before Garbo, abusers were able to hide behind expensive, hard-to-find public records and reports of their violence; now that's much harder," said Kathryn Kosmides, founder and CEO of Garbo.

A date for when the feature will be available has not been set, but Match Group says Garbo will be integrated into Tinder "later this year."

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