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Brady vs. Williams: Fans Debate Who The Real GOAT Is

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Brady vs. Williams: Fans Debate Who The Real GOAT Is

Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl last night after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs, but not everyone is convinced he is the greatest of all time (GOAT).

A debate sparked following the big game, pinning some who believe Brady is the GOAT against many who believe other legendary athletes such as tennis star Serena Williams are actually the greatest for multiple reasons.

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If there was any doubt before, surely, there can be none now. Tom Brady. Is. The. GOAT. WWE's Kofi Kingston (@TrueKofi)

Brady's seventh Super Bowl gives him one more championship win over NBA legend Michael Jordan, causing some to officially give the title of GOAT to the NFL quarterback.

But while many defended Michael Jordan's GOAT status, more people rushed to Serena Williams' side than any other athlete, as her trophy case is more full than both Brady's and Jordan's.

Many also brought up the fact that Williams won the Australian Open while pregnant in 2017.

Others did not feel the need to debate who the one true GOAT is, as they are just grateful to be able to witness these legendary athletes compete and make history.

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