Hey London! If you've lived here long enough, you'll know that this city is a culinary treasure trove. However, a big portion of London's city-dwellers are students who only know London within the reigns of their campus.

So to you guys: believe it or not, London extends past the gates of Western University, and past those gates you will find some restaurant gems. Seriously, Toronto should look out, 'cause London's food game is strong!

So whether you're looking for a date spot, a break from rez food, or just an alternative to Jack Astor's and Moxies, here are 28 incredible restaurants to eat at in London:

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1. Toboggan // 585 Richmond St.

London may have taken away our favourite bar, but only to replace it with our new favourite restaurant! Toboggan features a menu with something for everyone, vegans included. Considering the variety and sheer size of the menu, Toboggan still manages to master salads, tacos, and pizzas alike. You truly can't go wrong.

Recommended Dish: Any of the wood-oven pizzas.

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2. The Root Cellar // 623 Dundas St.

Thanks to The Root Cellar, even vegans can enjoy hearty food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Root Cellar takes locally-sourced, fresh, organic foods and creates with it new and exciting flavours.

Recommended Dish: Water Buffalo Burger and the Vegan Kale Caesar Salad.

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3. Bertoldi’s // 650 Richmond St.

Fantastic, authentic Italian cuisine, and a great location for Western students seeking a new date spot! Bertoldi's menu consistently features all of the Italian dishes you know and love, so really, you can't go wrong!

Recommended Dish: Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

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4. Garlic’s // 481 Richmond St.

Perhaps one of the most flavourful restaurants London has to offer. Garlic's offers creative culinary creations with unique and explosive flavours all put together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Seriously, Garlic's plating game is next level.

Recommended Dish: Cast Iron Skillet Mac & Cheese

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5. Abruzzi // 119 King St.

With a relaxed, unpretentious setting, Abruzzi offers Italian-inspired cuisine which is all sourced locally and sustainable! They always have incredible daily features, and their fish and panini game is strong!

Recommended Dish: The Potato Gnocchi in Cream Sauce

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6. La Casa // 117 King St

Right next door to Abruzzi you'll find this more traditional Italian spot which London locals absolutely adore. La Casa offers top notch cuisine and service, you really can't go wrong.

Recommended Dish: Angel Hair Pasta with Scallops and Prawns

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7. The Early Bird // 355 Talbot St.

Likely the most photographed restaurant in London. And for good reason: you won't find crazy dishes like this anywhere else! The Early Bird is famous for their novelty breakfast items, which you can get all day long. Alternatively, you can get a savoury sandwich or try one of their impressive salads. Either way, this place is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!

Recommended Dish: "French Toasted" or "Pancake Stacker"

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8. The Bungalow // 910 Waterloo St.

Forget Harvey's, The Bungalow is make-your-own burger heaven! You choose your bun, patty meat, cheese, toppings, and side dish. The Bungalow is on the corner of Waterloo and Cheapside, and is disguised as a house, allowing it to blend right into the rest of the neighbourhood! The Bungalow's vibe is simultaneously cozy and lively, and they have a ton of great beers and ciders on tap!

Recommended Dish: Lamb Burger with swiss cheese, arugula, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and pineapple on a ciabatta bun.

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9. The Black Trumpet // 523 Richmond St.

A warm, exotic yet simple vibe with a heavily seafood based menu. It is often referred to as London's best hidden secret. So grab a few of your friends and uncover the secret for yourself!

Recommended Dish: BT Bowties

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10. Campus Hifi // 736 Richmond St.

Best. Breakfast. Ever. Seriously, this place offers the best breakfast you've ever had, no matter what you get. Best eggs benny? Check. Best breakfast poutine? Check. Best breakfast potatoes? Check. There's a reason for their mile-long weekend morning line ups, and it's time for you to go find out!

Recommended Dish: Carla's Eggs Benny

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11. Fellini Koolini's // 155 Albert St.

A great Italian spot for carb-lovers! The warm, cozy atmosphere and attentive service coupled with fabulous food will guarantee you a great night out.

Recommended Dish: Lobster Fettuccine

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12. Mythic Grill // 179 Albert St.

The Mythic Grill offers authentic Greek fare with a modern twist, served in a quaint atmosphere. In addition to your traditional Greek favs, Mythic Grill also features some original salads that are definitely worth checking out!

Recommended Dish: Gyro Dinner

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13. Waldo’s On King // 130 King St.

Waldo's Bistro and Wine Bar brings you a fun, casual, and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy bistro-style selections as well as delicious vegetarian options. With no distinct style of cuisine, Waldo's brings you their best take on all the dishes you love!

Recommended Dish: Beef Tenderloin “Rossini”

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14. McCabe's // 739 Richmond St.

That's right, McCabe's isn't just the best place to hit up on St. Patty's and Winesday, it's also a pretty incredible restaurant for pub-fare lovers round the clock! From the buffalo chicken wrap to the goat's cheese pizza to the sweet potato wedges, this Richmond Row gem will certainly give you bang for your buck, no matter what you order. Also, they probably have the best nachos in south-western Ontario!

Recommended Dish: Irish Loaded Spuds with Curry Gravy

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15. The Morrissey House // 361 Dundas St.

Ample portions, varied selections, and locally sourced product. The menu is created by and for food lovers, so you're guaranteed to love something (or everything!) on the menu. Plus, they offer breakfast!

Recommend Dish: Vegan Curry

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16. Thuận Kiều // 1275 Highbury Ave.

A family owned and operated restaurant offering authentic Vietnamese food, which also happens to be the best Vietnamese cuisine you will find in London!

Recommended Dish: Pho Dac Biet

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17. Beertown Public House // 109 Fanshawe Park Rd E.

Beertown combines the vibe of a retro public house with that of a modern beer bar. They primarily offer American fare, including but not limited to BBQ, burgers, sandwiches and seafood. Beertown is a great place to go with friends, there's something for everyone here!

Recommended Dish: Bacon Avocado Flatbread

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18. Dolcetto // 3020 Colonel Talbot Rd.

You'll absolutely love the feel-good atmosphere of this restaurant. Bertoldi's sister store is more modern and light than its counterpart, offering healthier options as well as a brunch menu!

Recommended Dish: Fettuccine Dolcetto

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19. The Bag Lady // 474 Pall Mall St.

The Bag Lady brings you homemade breakfast and lunch in an adorable vintage variety store that is as picture-worthy as the plates! This place is an absolute must try for you and your brunch squad.

Recommended Dish: "Bag Daddy's" Big Stack

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20. David’s Bistro // 432 Richmond St. 

David's Bistro brings you traditional French cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. This family run business is dedicated to flavour and service, and its status as one of the highest rated restaurants in London is nothing short of the truth! Definitely check this place out.

Recommended Dish: Grilled Filet Mignon, with Eggplant Parmesan, Mashed Potatoes & Crispy Onions

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21. Blu Duby // 125 Dundas St.

This restaurant is low-key yet high-end and offers a variety of cuisines, including pasta dishes and sandwiches. The Blu Duby is totally accessible to even the pickiest eaters, which is pretty rare for a fancy restaurant!

Recommended Dish: Duck Confit Mac n’ Cheese

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22. The Tasting Room // 483 Richmond St.

The Tasting Room is just that - a place where you can try and experience a variety of flavours! Customers choose 4 different wines and are given 2oz servings of each, and a tapas style of dining is encouraged, which means that the appetizer menu is incredible!

Recommended Dish: Crab and Lobster Stuffed Chicken

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23. Izakaya Shogun // 1170 Wellington Rd.

Representing the new generation of casual Japanese food, Izakaya goes beyond sushi. So if you already love sushi, head to Izakaya to enjoy an even larger spectrum of Japanese cuisine!

Recommended Dish: Takoyaki

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24. The Sweet Onion // 135 Wortley Rd.

A quaint little restaurant in Wortley Village that features a large variety of cuisines and large portions. The neighbourhood vibe and summery patio are definitely worth paying a visit!

Recommended Dish: Rosemary and Sun-dried Tomato Lamb Loaf

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25. Casa Blanca // 1487 Dundas Street.

An awesome, laid back restaurant with a menu including all of your favourite foods from all over Latin-America, from plantain to tacos to seafood- you'll definitely find something that suits you at Casa Blanca!

Recommended Dish: Traditional Quesadillas

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26. Restaurant Ninety One // 200 Collip Circle.

Casual fine-dining with upscale dishes and a relaxed vibe proves Restaurant Ninety One to be the best of both worlds! They also offer a quaint selection of featured items during afternoon tea and brunch hours! Definitely worth trying out.

Recommended Dish: Seared Duck Breast

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27. Byron Freehouse // 1288 Commissioners Rd W.

Premium pub fare with a unique twist and some really original dishes, not to mention an awesome overall vibe! This place is definitely ideal for a fun night out with your family or friends.

Recommended Dish: Korean Wings

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 28. O"zen // 607 Richmond St.

This Richmond Row staple is all you could ever want from a sushi spot. Fresh fish, fresh veggies, and quick service. It's conveniently located downtown on Richmond street, you can't miss it!

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