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7 Toronto Restaurants Currently Hiring That Offer Above Minimum Wage

Who doesn’t want a little extra pocket change? With many restaurants and bars opening back up, the service industry is hiring all across the city. We made it easy for you by rounding up seven Toronto restaurant jobs currently hiring that all pay more than minimum wage!

While there are many positions in the service industry available, a ton of them advertise a pay rate of under minimum wage.

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This is possible because servers in Ontario are actually allowed to make less than minimum wage. It sucks, we know.

So, we went on a hunt to compile a list of restaurant jobs that won’t just pay you $14 an hour, but more!

These positions all range from $14 up to $19 an hour.

The great thing about a lot of these jobs is that they require little to no experience. If you have even one year of service industry work under your belt, you can apply to all of them!

Some of them actually require no experience at all, just a winning attitude.

From Etobicoke to downtown Toronto, these positions are all over the city, so pick whichever is closest to you and apply now! 


Salary: $18

Company: Simit & Chai Co.

Why You Should Apply: This position pays $18 an hour plus tips! You'll be raking it in while making chai and sandwiches.

Apply Here


Salary: up to $17

Company: Verdi restaurant

Why You Should Apply: Verdi Restaurant is known for its wood-fire pizza. The company is offering up to $17 an hour to serve, $3 more than minimum wage.

Apply Here

Front of House Support Staff

Salary: $16 to $18

Company: Hong Shing Restaurant

Why You Should Apply: Hong Shing claims it’s the best Chinese food in Toronto! It advertises huge room for growth as an employee. The ability to speak Chinese or Mandarin is an asset.

Apply Here

Barista & Front of House

Salary: $16 to $17

Company: Le Beau Patisserie

Why You Should Apply: Work alongside Chef Olga Spivak, trained in France, at Le Beau Patisserie. This cafe and patisserie specializes in croissants and is looking for baristas and front of house staff to join the team!

Apply Here


Salary: Up to $20

Company: Spring Sushi Restaurant

Why You Should Apply: Join the team at this all-you-can-eat sushi joint! This posting made it clear it would provide PPE for all staff joining the team.

Apply Here

Server & Bartender

Salary: Up to $19

Company: Touro Brazilian Steakhouse

Why You Should Apply: Touro Brazilian Steakhouse is looking for a candidate with only one year of experience and is willing to pay you up to $4 more an hour than minimum wage!

Apply Here

Server & Bartender

Salary: Up to $18

Company: Infusion Bar & Grill

Why You Should Apply: This job requires no extra experience, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to break into the service industry!

Apply Here

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