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A New Private Club In Toronto Says It'll Help You Live Longer But You'll Need So Much Cash

How much would you spend for a longer life?

Toronto Associate Editor
A New Private Club In Toronto Says It'll Help You Live Longer But You'll Need So Much Cash

If you had the chance to live longer, would you? Well, there's an exclusive new private club in Toronto that's guaranteeing its members just that, and there's no fountain of youth involved.

Longevity House is an exclusive members-only club that says it will extend your lifeline through plant medicine, biohacking, and a combo of technology and ancestral science that helps "optimize" their members' bodies.

"We are creating a space for people to strive for health creation rather than disease prevention," owner Michael Nguyen said in a press release sent to Narcity. "How you live every single day matters, and we provide members with a destination to access the most innovative and proven tools in one place to ensure a longer and better healthspan."

Service Menu, courtesy of Longevity House

But, the promise of living longer does come at a hefty price tag. Right now, the only membership option Longevity House is offering costs $100,000 (though there will apparently be a la carte options for non-members.)

"With the $100,000 membership fee, Longevity House's 30 members can attend monthly workshops and have access to the top practitioners in biohacking, plant medicine, epigenetics, breathwork, and functional medicine to balance mind, body, and spirit," the release said.

Longevity House uses fancy fitness technologies to increase members' lifespans, like weight training in an electrical muscle stimulation suit, red light therapy and testing your balance on a vibration plate, and AI-driven cardio.

"We have the first of many cutting-edge technologies in Canada which create maximum benefit for the body in the minimum amount of time," Nguyen said. "Training with us 2x a week for 25 minutes is equivalent to a 2-hour workout four times a week."

The private club will also test how old you actually are to how old your body is on the inside. From there, they'll see how they can bring your biological age down to the age that's on your driver's license.

The sprawling, 9,000-square-foot club overlooks a ravine and one acre of forest in West Toronto, and they plan to open another location in midtown (and NYC and Miami) by next spring.

Longevity House

Price: $100,000 for a lifetime membership.

Address: West Toronto

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking to extend your lifespan, and want to work on having a healthier life (and use some pretty cool fitness tech to do so), this members club is for you.


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