A Burning House Exploded In Ontario & Firefighters Ran For Their Lives (VIDEO)

Three firefighters were reportedly injured in the explosion. 😳
An Ontario House Explosion Injured 3 Firefighters On Tuesday And The Video Is Terrifying

You don't see video footage like this every day, and that's probably for the best. An Ontario house explosion rocked the township of Scugog on Tuesday, June 9 as a burning home erupted in a huge orange fireball. Three firefighters were injured in the blast.

According to the Township of Scugog, the town's fire and emergency services responded to a blaze at a house in the area of Fralick's Beach Road north of Toronto on Tuesday morning.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene at around 10 a.m. to find the home burning.

As they were working on combating the fire, astonishing video footage captures the moment a huge explosion rocks the street.

In the startling clip, firefighters and rescue teams can be seen running to keep a safe distance as a huge orange fireball rises into the sky.

The blast made Durham police push back the crowds gathered to see what unfolded, according to Durham Region.

Apparently, propane and oxygen tanks had exploded and sent debris onto the nearby roadway.

According to CP24, the roof was blown off, the main structure of the property was destroyed, and the walls were the only thing left standing.

People who witnessed the scene shared the videos onto social media and it is absolutely intense, to say the least.

"There was some sort of explosion," said Durham Police Constable George Tudos, via Durham Region. "We responded for a house fire initially."

Thankfully, the residents of the house were not home. However, three firefighters received minor injuries as a result.

According to Durham Region, at about 2:30 p.m., the fire had been under control and was continuously being monitored for hot spots and "flare-ups" in the area.

The aftermath of the tragic fire is absolutely shocking as the house was left almost unrecognizable, a burned shell of its former self.

"Wishing the 3 injured firefighters from the Scugog Fire a speedy recovery," said assistant deputy fire marshal Steven Wilson via Twitter.

While this is a particular shocking incident, houses being totalled in southern Ontario isn't unheard of.

A couple of months ago, an explosion took out most of an abandoned building in Toronto, leaving clouds of smoke to take over parts of the city.

And in February, an under-construction house completely collapsed on its side after strong winds managed to knock it over.

This explosion, though, was a whole different level of dramatic. We'll be thinking about this video for a while.

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