Auston Matthews Just Shaved His Iconic Moustache & Is He Even The Same Person? (PHOTOS)

The before and after shots are quite something.

Toronto Associate Editor
Auston Matthews Just Shaved His Iconic Moustache & Is He Even The Same Person? (PHOTOS)

Well, it's official. A part of Auston Matthews is no longer with us but if we're really splitting hairs, it's likely only temporary.

As of December 1, Matthews showcased his fresh (and pretty much new) face to the world after his iconic 'stache was shaved off by his barber. Now, what is the shear reason for this?

Well, all throughout Movember, Matthews campaigned to raise funds for the leading global charity to help with men's health when it comes to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

The Toronto Maple Leafs' player promised to part ways with his primo moustachio if he could earn $134,000 to donate to the Movember campaign, and thanks to all of the support, Matthews blew way past his original goal by over $13,000. Last Movember he made the same promise but didn't have to say goodbye to his fluffy caterpillar.

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"Hey everyone, the end of the month is here," Matthews said at the start of the clip posted to the official Movember Instagram page, before thanking everyone for all of the support. "It's been an amazing month, but a deal's a deal and the time has come to shave off this moustache."

Matthews flashed a smile before the sound of the electric razor buzzed in the background. The clip time-lapsed through the shave, as the shears shaved off his 'stache bit by bit (until the mo' was no mo'.)

As soon as all of the hair was wiped clean from Matthews' mug, he immediately rubbed his naked face before letting out a (rather loud) sigh. How long this clean-shaved look will last is truly a hair-raising question.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor