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A police officer was seen having some fun being a prop for a few bikers — who took turns jumping over him. The scene unfolded at the Lake Wilcox skatepark in Richmond Hill last night around 10 p.m.

Two other officers can also be seen in the video, looking on as tricks took place.

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Oh my god… three!

Liam Parris, who recorded the video, said that the uniformed police came to the area "because there were some kids doing silly stuff."

He went on to say that the officers "started talking with the rest of us there and they were funny and relaxed." 

Another rider ended up asking the officer if they could jump him, to which Parris said he laughed and agreed.

The cop kept his composure the entire time, breaking into laugher only after the third and final rider made the jump. “Oh my god… three!” can be heard yelling in the background.

After the stunt, the officer did have to do a quick double-take before getting up. Just had to make sure he wasn’t about to get jumped!

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