Andrew Scheer Was Spotted Wearing No Mask At Toronto Pearson Airport (PHOTO)

The airport requires passengers to wear a face mask "at all times."
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Was Spotted Without A Mask At Toronto Pearson Airport
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Not everybody is following the mandatory face mask rules. This week, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was spotted at a Toronto Pearson Airport departure gate, wearing no face covering. According to the airport, all passengers and employees must wear a mask “at all times.” 

On Tuesday, July 7, the Conservative leader was spotted at a departure gate at Canada’s busiest airport. Despite the airport’s COVID-19 rules, the politician was not wearing a face covering.

Scheer was joined by Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, among others, who also appeared to have removed his mask for their conversation.

The airport states that “face coverings are required for all passengers and employees in all public areas at Pearson.”

The rule, which applies at all Canadian airports, follows a recommendation from the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

A spokesperson for Scheer confirmed to Narcity on Wednesday that he was at the airport.

"Mr. Scheer wore a face mask while travelling to Ottawa yesterday. He removed it to make a phone call. This picture must have been taken before he put it back on," they said.

The photos of Scheer that are circulating on social media do not show him to be on the phone.

Health officials say wearing a mask can stop germs from spreading between people, which is particularly significant if you have COVID-19 but are displaying no symptoms.

The only exceptions to the mandatory mask rule are children under the age of two, people who have trouble breathing and people who are unable to put on/take off a face covering without assistance.

Those eating and drinking in the airport’s restaurants are also allowed to remove their mask.

Sharing an article about the incident on Twitter, Toronto Pearson Airport responded to say, “Everyone has a role to play in maintaining our #HealthyAirport.”

“We understand there may be a need to briefly eat or drink, but we expect all passengers and workers to follow the rules,” they added.

While Scheer himself is yet to speak out about the situation, Premier Brian Pallister acknowledged his "error."

"I lifted my mask to join some friends in conversation at the Toronto airport this afternoon," he said in an email statement to CBC News. "It was an error on my part, it won't happen again."

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Helena Hanson
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