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You Can Get Fined $195 For Not Wearing A Mask On The TTC

However, the TTC says they’re not ticketing people right now.
Face Masks On The TTC Just Became Mandatory But Officers Aren't Issuing Fines

Next time you leave your house, you might not want to forget a face covering. As of July 2, face masks on the TTC have become mandatory for riders. While not wearing a mask could land you a $195 charge, TTC officials have announced that they won't be handing out tickets at this time. 

Last month, the TTC announced that most riders would be required to wear a face covering anytime they are travelling on a TTC vehicle. 

Those who have "medical considerations" or are under two years old will not be included in this new rule. 

According to the TTC bylaws, riders who are caught not abiding by these new rules could be fined $195 for "failure to comply with posted sign."   

However, don't start pulling out your wallets just yet. 

Stuart Green told Narcity in an email that currently their "focus is on education not enforcement." 

Ricky Leary, TTC CEO, also told The Toronto Star on Thursday that the agency won't be handing out fines right away.

Instead, reminders of both the audio and visual variety will now play in subway stations to inform riders of the importance of wearing a mask.

The transit agency will also reportedly be enlisting the help of 100 COVID-19 ambassadors to spread the message.

For those who forgot their coverings at home, the TTC will also be handing out 1 million free masks to riders. 

However, you may not be off the hook forever.

Leary  stated that they will continue to see how many people are following this new rule "to determine if further actions are needed." 

"I think they have to be understanding of others. We want to make sure that people understand, not everybody can wear a mask," Leary told the Star.

It's not just the transit company that has put new measures in place. 

As of July 7, residents will officially be required to wear a face-covering or non-medical mask in any public indoor space in the city.

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