You Won’t Be Allowed On The TTC Without A Face Mask Very Soon

Both passengers and staff will be required to wear face coverings.
Face Masks On The TTC Are About To Become Mandatory
Ontario Editor

Next time you head to the subway, you won't want to forget your mask. On Thursday, Mayor John Tory announced in a press conference that all riders will have to wear face masks on the TTC. This new move will start on July 2 if approved. 

In a press conference, Tory stated that both the staff and passengers will be included in this new rule. 

"Today, we are giving notice of our move to make face coverings mandatory on the TTC in order to protect the health of everyone," Tory stated in the press conference. 

"This recommendation will go to the TTC commission for its meeting next week. If approved, face coverings will be mandatory effective July 2."

Those who are under two years old, or who have "medical considerations" will be exempted from this rule.  

However, at this time, no one will be turned away from the TTC for not wearing a face covering. 

The mayor states that they are urging that passengers start this practice now. 

"There is no reason not to start now. We've been strongly recommending for weeks that people should wear face coverings on the TTC," the mayor said. 

Despite the new rules, Tory ensures riders that the transit system is still safe to use. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the TTC has followed many steps to ensure the safety of its riders.

Seats were blocked off and rear-door boarding was implemented to ensure that passengers were keeping their distance. 

The transit company also announced that they were limiting the number of customers that would be on a bus at one time, and could even skip stops if their vehicles were too full. 

The move follows in the footsteps of Ottawa, who announced that face masks would be mandatory for all riders of the OC Transpo starting in June. 

Mississauga has also announced that anyone using MiWay transit will be following the same protocols. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor