A Toronto Rapper Called Courteney Cox A 'Cougar' So She Crashed His Music Video (VIDEO)

Idris Elba also appears on the track from Connor Price.
Courteney Cox Raps About Being A Cougar On A Toronto Rapper's New Track
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A Toronto rapper says a video-bomb phone call from Courteney Cox on his new music video has him feeling "over the moon."

Connor Price is a Markham-born actor and musician, and the new video for his song "Courteney Cox" features two Hollywood superstars — Idris Elba and Monica herself — showing off their rap skills.

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Price told Narcity that he first got in touch with Idris Elba when the actor from Luther and The Wire posted on Instagram asking for people to finish rapping on a song he'd started.

Price wrote, rapped, and posted a verse for the song, which led Elba to reach out on Instagram and ask about collaborating on a track.

Price sent Elba a song he'd written called "Courteney Cox," which references the actress's stint on the show Cougar Town and features the hook "Clocked in and now the door is locked / Always hitting different so unorthodox / Cougar flirting with me call her Courteney Cox."

"The night that he agreed to do that song, within 45 minutes he sent me back his verse," Price said.

And it didn't take long for the duo to start talking about getting Courteney involved in the music video, said Price, whose own mother was a "super-fan of Friends" while he was growing up in Markham.

"As long as I can remember, Friends was on TV and Courteney Cox was on TV," he said.

Price didn't name the song expecting the actress would ever be featured on the track, but it turned out that Idris Elba's publicist knew Cox's publicist and reached out to put them all in touch.

That's when things went from "zero to 100," Price said.

"She had all these ideas," he said. "That whole skit at the end of the music video and also her rapping was entirely her idea, which was so cool."

Cox does indeed spit bars in the video, which was filmed in November 2020 and is set up to look like she video-bombs a call between Price and Elba.

"I appreciate the homage, but it turns out rapping's not that hard," she tells the pair, before launching into her verse.

"Look who's coming at you, yeah, it's Courteney Cox," she raps. "I just killed the beat, now the mic is dropped."

Despite his name-dropping success, Price doesn't have any plans to name his next song after another Friends alum or any other celebrity.

But it might be easy to get a Hollywood hookup, seeing as Price, Elba, and Cox are all still in a WhatsApp group chat named "Rap Life."

Price is an actor as well as a musician, but he said he hasn't heard about being included in the Friends reunion special on HBO Max.

"Fingers crossed, I guess!" Price laughed. "I guess what this whole experience has taught me is anything can happen."

Cormac O'Brien
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