Even with Ontario's stay-at-home order in effect until May 20, the dogs of the province still need to get walked just as much as before.

With outside opportunities limited, picking a good Toronto dog park is even more important. Luckily, this city has some scenic spots that are perfect for puppy and owner alike.

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Sherwood Park

Address: 190 Sherwood Ave., Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: This quiet wooded spot is as scenic as it is serene, with trails and a fenced-in off-leash area to let off a bit of steam if you've been indoors for too long (that's advice for the dogs reading this).


Earl Bales Park

Address: 4169 Bathurst St., North York, ON.

Why You Need To Go: There are two amazing sights in this massive park in North York. The first is the Toronto skyline, visible from the park-at-large. The second is the beautiful sun-soaked clearing where the off-leash area is — a sight for sore eyes no matter your species.


Hideaway Park

Address: 23 Audley Ave., Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: True to its name, this is one of Toronto's smallest and most secretive dog parks — and it's also one of its cutest. Located in the heart of Leslieville, it's a good option if you're looking for a quiet space for you and your dog.


Cherry Beach

Address: 1 Cherry Street, Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: It can be hard to find dog parks that aren't at parks, but Cherry Beach is a popular exception to the rule. Located on the edge of Lake Ontario, this is a good place for pets who like a good sunset view just as much as their owners.


Sunnybrook Park

Address: 1132 Leslie St., Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: This is the perfect park for tiny dogs — not only is there an off-leash area for pups of all shapes and sizes, but there's a special area for dogs who weigh under 20 pounds (a good thing to keep in mind for any puppy sightseers).


Ramsden Park

Address: 1020 Yonge St., Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: Located just north of Yorkville, Ramsden Park has a giant off-leash area and plenty of activities for humans, too, for later on this year — this place is sure to be busy when the tennis and basketball courts open back up.


High Park

Address: 1873 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: It's not the most secret of dog parks, but that's for a good reason. Plus, with the cherry blossoms coming into their own, there are plenty of great photo opportunities for you and your dog's Instagram page.


Cedarvale Park

Address: 443 Arlington Ave., York, ON.

Why You Need To Go: If your dog has been craving contact during the pandemic as much as you have, the Cedarvale off-leash area is a great place for puppy socializing. If you'd rather some alone time, the ravine has plenty of on-leash trails as well.


Trinity Bellwoods

Address: 790 Queen St. W, Toronto, ON.

Why You Need To Go: Another Toronto classic, the grassy Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl is a rite of passage for any canines (or anybody in general) in the 6ix.