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Doug Ford’s Daughter Kyla’s KyKy Kookies Are A Jumbo Delicacy

Ambition seems to run in the Ford household. Doug Ford's Daughter Kyla Ford is both an Instagram-famous bodybuilder and a bakery owner. 

Kyla Ford may be best known for her physique — she competes in bodybuilding competitions and records her progress for her 112,000 Instagram followers.

However, she has other talents as well.

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KyKy Kookies — Kyla's online bakery — sells an assortment of cookies and cakes, with unique flavours like "cereal milk" and "cinnamon roll."

These cookies aren't just regular cookies, either — they're jumbo cookies. 

"KyKy Kookies are jumbo, gourmet cookies, that are 2-3x the size of your average cookie, weighing between 5-8 oz. depending on the given flavour (that's up to 1/2 pound kookie)," read's Kyla's website.

She and her three sisters — Kayla, Krista, and Kara — all bear a striking resemblance to each other and their dad. 

Kyla and Kayla look so alike, in fact, that the bodybuilder can unlock her sister's phone with Face ID.

Does Ontario need a Keeping Up With The Fords spin-off?

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