Doug Ford Carves A Creepy Pumpkin For Halloween & Says He Sees The Resemblance (VIDEO)

"You gotta make it scary."

Toronto Associate Editor
Doug Ford and his carved pumpkin.

Doug Ford and his carved pumpkin.

Halloween just got weirder and spookier in Ontario, and you can thank Premier Doug Ford for making that happen.

The premier of Ontario wished everyone in the province a happy Halloween on Monday, posting a pumpkin carving video on Twitter, and it might just be scarier than anything else you see today.

Ford carved the creepy-looking pumpkin and said, "I think there's kind of a resemblance."

Doug Ford starts the video all giddy and excited, saying, "we're at that time of season; it's pumpkin carving time!"

"I remember even when I was growing up, and we'd get together, and we'd have pumpkin carving contests, everyone would carve their pumpkin and have a great time. I carried that tradition on with my four girls," he added.

Ford then takes a pen to draw on the pumpkin and begins to carve it. "You gotta make it scary," he said.

Also, he looked like he was struggling, mainly because he might've found the wobbliest table in the house.

The Premiere may know how to make a great cheesecake, but if you're trying to find a pumpkin seed recipe, look no further.

"My favourite thing to always do is get your hands on the gucky stuff here and then separate the seeds," he said. Put the pumpkin seeds on a pan, add some salt, and then pop them in the oven, Ford explains.

Doug Ford's pumpkin seed recipe.Doug Ford's pumpkin seed recipe.fordnation | Twitter

Things get even funnier as Ford heads down memory lane and remembers his favourite costumes as a kid. Now, picture Ford as Batman... 'nuff said.

Finally, the premier adds some odd-looking eyes to his pumpkin masterpiece and gives the viewers what they've been waiting for — the reveal.

"I just want to, full disclosure, I'm not a pumpkin carver, but here we go. I think there's kind of a resemblance," Ford said jokingly.

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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