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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Everyone From The 6ix Can Relate To

Represent Toronto this Halloween!
8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Everyone From The 6ix Can Relate To

Halloween is just days away, and whether you're planning on staying in or hanging out with your bubble, its time to get creative.

You can represent The 6ix this spooky season with these Toronto-themed Halloween costumes.

From trash pandas to major landmarks, there are tons of ways to pay tribute to the city.

Since time is ticking, these ideas are simple enough to pull off at the last minute.

Send some love to The 6ix this Halloween with one of these Toronto-themed outfits.

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Doug Ford & His Cheesecake

Details: A Halloween costume that's easy and tastes good? Whip up a costume worthy of Toronto's Doug Ford this season.

No Name Ad

Details: Last year, no name ads took over The 6ix, and you can pay tribute to the campaign with your costume. All you need is some yellow clothing with a simple description.


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Details: Everyone will be able to relate to a TTC costume. All it takes is some imagination and a cardboard box to pull this off.

Trash Panda

Details: The city wouldn't be the same without its raccoons, and the little critters make for a fun and easy costume.

John Tory's Raptors Coat

Details: Transform a blazer with some gold paint and stencils to replicate Mayor Tory's iconic Raptors jacket.

'Schitt's Creek' Emmy Sweep

Details: This costume is anything but 'ew'. Dress as an Emmy with a Schitt's Creek sign to celebrate both the spooky season and the show's iconic wins.

CN Tower

Details: Nothing says 'Toronto' like the CN Tower, and you can represent the iconic landmark with your costume this Halloween.

Sugar Beach

Details: All you need is a pink outfit and umbrella to transform yourself into Toronto's Sugar Beach.

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