Drake’s Birthday Mac ’n Cheese & Raisins Has Us Asking So Many Questions

A new Canadian delicacy? 😂
Drake's Birthday Mac N Cheese With Raisins

He may be a Canadian treasure, but many are questioning Drake's meal of choice on his birthday, October 24.

A photo floating around the internet apparently of Drake's birthday party menu features a classic comfort food staple, macaroni and cheese.

Except his version had an interesting addition — raisins.

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Both C100FM and News18 shared the photo of the birthday menu item, which includes sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and raisins as part of the cheesy main.

Twitter users jumped at the opportunity to chime in with their two cents on the concoction.

"He is Canadian lol cuz we def don’t do that anywhere in America," wrote one user.

"Rasin Mac and cheese? Bro falling off," said another.

The rapper also teased a new album for his birthday , posting a video of what looks like a young Drake and the words "JANUARY 2021."