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A Trash Panda Was Spotted Working Very Hard At A Tim Hortons In Toronto (PHOTO)

In the most Canadian pairing of all time, a Toronto raccoon was seen working hard behind the counter of a Tim Hortons.

The little trash panda was spotted on October 22 in a downtown King St. Tim Hortons location.

A Toronto resident walking by saw the incident and snapped a photo.

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Tim Hortons was quick to respond to the tweet. 

"Team members at the restaurant contacted animal control soon as they saw the surprise visitor. They performed two deep cleanings overnight following," said the company.

They assured customers that all health and safety procedures were followed after the raccoon was removed.

Just five days ago, a Toronto raccoon was spotted doing some window shopping on Bloor. These little guys are busy!

Say what you want about Toronto, but we've got cute raccoons.

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