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Toronto Trash Panda Spotted Doing Some Window Shopping In Yorkville (VIDEO)

It heard there were some good deals to be had!

A raccoon was spotted in downtown Toronto the other night doing some late-night window shopping.

The animal can be seen approaching the entrance of Zara on Bloor in Yorkville before continuing on its way after taking a quick peek inside.

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While raccoon sightings are not uncommon during the day, they are more likely to be found lurking the streets at night.

Although most raccoons are cautious, there are the occasional bold or aggressive ones.

In these situations, one of the ways the Toronto Wildlife Centre recommends scaring them off is by making loud noises such as clapping your hands or yelling.

After the raccoon's late-night shopping experience, it was spotted heading into the nearby Mayfair Mews alleyway, just beside Talbot's, off in search of a late-night snack no doubt.

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