Raccoons Broke Into A Toronto Home & It Took 'Over 1 Hour' To Get Them Out (VIDEO)

"Oh my god. Oh my god."🦝

One of the raccoons inside the Toronto home. Right: A raccoon in a food bin filled with dog food.
Toronto Associate Editor

One of the raccoons inside the Toronto home. Right: A raccoon in a food bin filled with dog food.

What would you do if a bunch of Toronto's beloved raccoons broke inside your home and started eating your food? Well, Meg Lizabet, a jeweller in Toronto, just had a family of trash pandas break into her Riverdale home (and caught almost the whole thing on camera too)!

It all happened on Monday night, May 30, when Lizabet was answering some work emails at home. Lizabet told Narcity that her husband is away for work right now, so it's just her and her dog.

"I was just sitting on the couch and I started hearing some noises," Lizabet said. "I'm pretty skittish and afraid when I'm home alone, so I started recording right away thinking that there was a human intruder because we've had some break-ins in the neighbourhood recently."

Cue the start of the TikTok video — that's since gone viral with nearly six million views — where the camera pans over to a raccoon standing in the middle of her kitchen. Lizabet explained that it had likely gone in through the flap in the screen door, which was there ever since her 140-pound dog ran through it the year before.

Moments later the raccoon makes itself at home as it opens up the cupboard, and makes its way inside a bin filled with dog food, while another waits outside on the porch.

"What do you — like what do you want me to do with you," Lizabet said in the video.

There were more raccoons that broke inside the house

The jeweller explained to Narcity that more raccoons actually made their way inside of her home, which she, unfortunately, didn't catch on camera.

"I was panicking trying to get them out," Lizabet explained, and said there were a total of four raccoons that invaded the house.

Right when she thought she got all of the raccoons out, she opened the closet door again and saw that one little baby raccoon was "trapped" inside the dog food.

"The whole ordeal took like over an hour, like it was an hour of me freaking out and like scrambling around the house trying to find things to get these raccoons out, and like me trying to keep my dog back so that he wouldn't, you know, attack them or be attacked by them," Lizabet said.

At the end of the TikTok, you can see Lizabet take the bin outside with the raccoon still in it, where it eventually hopped out. While the raccoons are all out of the house now, they're still not far away, as Lizabet shared that there's actually a family of about seven or eight living underneath her porch right now (with most of them being just babies).

"They're pretty reckless but they are adorable, and I'm just like kind of letting them chill out," Lizabet said, and added that she hopes they eventually get out from under the porch by the time they grow up.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor