A DoorDash Order Was Stolen By 3 Hungry Raccoons & Could That Be Any More Toronto? (VIDEO)

Trash pandas? More like dine-and-dash pandas. 🍔🦝

A Door Dash Order Was Stolen By 3 Hungry Raccoons & Could That Be Anymore Toronto? (VIDEO)
Toronto Associate Editor

One of the most Toronto things ever was just caught on camera, as three raccoons were seen feasting on some (unlucky) Torontonian's DoorDash order.

The whole ordeal went down this past Saturday night, September 25, at around 11:00 p.m.

"We just happened to be there when it went down," Reddit user DJ_DTM, who posted a video of the raccoons on the r/trashpandas subreddit, told Narcity via direct messages. "We had been watching the raccoons for a few minutes but anticipated what was about to happen when the delivery driver dropped off an order and took off before the people answered the door."

The raccoons decided to claim the food and the DJ_DTM tried to keep them off it. "There were two of us and three of them," the video poster added. "We were outnumbered and they were very persistent."

After a 10-minute struggle, he said they lost "the battle." The Redditor decided to set his camera up on the fence to watch the action unfold.

At the start of the video, you can see one raccoon head-deep into the brown paper bag before two others swiftly join in to dine on the free food.

Apologies to the Torontonians who didn't collect their food in time because it is now deep in the bellies of some of the city's unofficial mascots.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor