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This Toronto Raccoon Deserves To Be Cast As A Bond Villain For Its Cat Food Crimes (PHOTO)

Two doors and even a vent couldn't keep this little guy out.

Toronto Raccoon Breaks Into Home & Eats Cat Food

This Toronto raccoon has perfected the horror movie hand reaching from the dark pose and will stop at nothing for some cat food.

The devious creature reportedly broke into Al Runt's, a Toronto artist, East York home in mid-June 2021 and ended up in his vent.

Runt told Narcity that he was up late one night in the middle of June watching TV with his cat when a raccoon crept in through his cat's door and began to help itself to its food.

Al Runt | Facebook

According to Runt, the raccoon had been trying to pry his screen door open for days prior. The raccoon had squished itself between the screen door and the solid door and pushed through the cat door and into Runt's home.

Runt attempted to shoo the raccoon out the backdoor with a broom, but the critter ran down to his basement instead.

"I go down there and try to chase him out, leave a window open," says Runt, "So I corner him there and figure it's fine. He'll just make his way through the back window, whatever."

At around 3:30 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. in the morning, Runt began hearing scratching coming from the kitchen. The critter had climbed up to the kitchen's non-functional vent from the basement and continued to eat by straining its little arms under the lifted vent and into the cat bowl.

Despite the annoyance when Runt saw the raccoon clawing its way up through the vent, he says, "My heart just went out, and I thought, 'I love you so much.''"

"I mean, of course, they're bothersome creatures but you got to admire their ingenuity."

The raccoon escaped through the window by the following morning and no charges were pressed.

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