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Extremely Chill Raccoon Makes Herself At Home On Toronto Woman's Couch (VIDEO)

Learning to co-exist with raccoons in Toronto is just a part of life in this city. For Abby Nicastro, this meant learning to share her home and even her furniture with one of them.

Nicastro told Narcity that she was leaving her house in the Little Portugal area recently when she spotted a female raccoon lounging on the couch on her front porch.

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Nicastro was cautious of it at first but quickly realized that she was just there to relax.

"If anything, she wanted me to go on my merry way so she could continue to lounge in peace and quiet," she said.

Nicastro called Toronto Animal Services, who assured her that the raccoon "was healthy and not in any danger," and most likely was just looking for a place to chill. However, she took their advice and threw the couch away.

"I’m quite familiar with this raccoon (and her friends/fam) as they’ve claimed residency in my attic," she said. "I’m often woken by sounds of her and her buddies hanging in the attic at night."

"Rest assured - no wine was consumed by the raccoon!" Nicastro clarified, referring to the wine glasses in the video.

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