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12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Only True Torontonians Will Instantly Recognize

Trick-or-treat, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Toronto Associate Editor
12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Only True Torontonians Will Instantly Recognize

Now that Ontario has the greenlight to trick-or-treat this year, it is time to dust off your Halloween costumes.

If you don't want to dress up as one of the classics — like a cat, witch or vampire — for your Halloween 2021 debut, why not try your hand at a Toronto-themed fit? Here are 12 different costume ideas that only Torontonians would understand.

Doug Ford & a Tim Horton's Coffee

The reference: Premier Doug Ford has shown his love for Tim Hortons time and time again to the point where one can only assume he may be an unspoken Timsfluencer. From his unofficial endorsement to their egg sandwiches to his unwavering love for Tim's smile cookies, this could be the ultimate costume for this year's Halloween season.

What you'll need: A white or light blue button-up shirt, a large Tim's coffee cup, a heaping amount of hair gel and your biggest smile. Want to turn this into a couple's costume? Have the other person dress up as a large Tim's cup or as a massive smile cookie.

Mayor Tory's Hair

The reference: When Ontario was still in the height of the pandemic and in the midst of what felt like a never-ending lockdown, Torontonians far and wide were counting down the clock on when they can get their hair cut. The undisputed king of lockdown locks turned out to be Mayor John Tory.

Calls to have the Toronto mayor's hair chopped off extended far and wide, and even reached a point where people were making YouTube videos about it.

What you'll need: A greyish wig that resembles Tory's pandemic coif (or something that can be chopped into its likeness), a black blazer, a checkered tie, and a white button-up. Want to make this a couple's costume? Have your partner dress up as a hairdresser prepared to trim those tousled tresses.

ICE Condos


when I tell you this is not the worst of it …… Part 2? #fyp #toronto

The reference: ICE Condos came under some hot fire earlier this year when a TikToker shared her lived experience at the York Street building. The poster claimed that there were weekly fire alarms, broken-down elevators, and reports of shootings in the building. ICE Condos dismissed those claims and said they were "inaccurate" and "outdated" notions.

What you'll need: A busted rectangular box that you can fit into, complete with cut-out windows, and a mini speaking bumping loud music or never-ending fire alarm sounds.

A Certified Lover Boy emoji

The reference: The 6ix God graced Toronto with Certified Lover Boy on Labour Day weekend, but leading up to its release Drake teased fans with a post of the album's cover art. The pregnant emoji girl took the internet by storm.

What you'll need: A solid-coloured long-sleeved shirt, a pregnancy bump (either a pillow or ball you could strap on your torso if you're not actually pregnant), and a bob wig.

A Raccoon and the Segway Man

The reference: The trash panda got a trusty sidekick last year in The Segway Man. Last October, a man was spotted scooting down on a Segway with a raccoon clutched in his grasp as he continued on his way.

What you'll need: A grey bomber, a toque, a green scarf, blue joggers or jeans, a Segway (or scooter), and a plushie version of a raccoon that you can hold by its neck all night long. Maybe even hot glue a bracelet to the back of its neck so you don't have to worry about dropping it. Bonus points if you take a picture with your pet in place of the raccoon.


The reference: Doug Ford made headlines earlier this year when he shared an anecdote of a kid named Arthur reaching out to the premier to bring back in-person learning. Ontarians were quick to point out how the kid's name is exactly like Canada's beloved cartoon aardvark and immediately made memes.

What you'll need: A long-sleeved yellow sweater or shirt, red shoes, blue jeans, round glasses, a library card, and of course some aardvark ears (any brown-coloured animal ears headband will do, and you can even wear your hair in space buns). Want to turn this into a couple's costume? Have your partner dress as Premier Ford and snap a picture of the two of you in front of a pickup truck.

A Canada's Wonderland Rider Stuck On A Ride


We were about to get on the ride then this happened... #canadaswonderland #fy #foryoupage

The reference: Canada's Wonderland was off to a bumpy start when they reopened its park to the public this summer. A couple of viral TikToks emerged showing riders strapped into the rides, stuck mid-air. Wonderland later revealed why their rides do this, which is largely due to its built-in safety features to stop a ride safely if there is an "unexpected condition."

What you'll need: Cut out a box to make it seem like you're strapped into the Lumberjack ride at Wonderland, and throughout Halloween night just stop in place for random periods of time. You could even make this a couples' or friends' costume, but you might need a longer box.

A Big Box Store With A Gorilla On Its Back

The reference: When Ontario declared a state of emergency in January, the Ford government laid down restrictions on non-essential retail services which included limiting the hours of operation and stricter enforcement. In the announcement, Premier Ford said he was going to "come down" on non-essential stores like "an 800-pound gorilla," and that he wasn't going to "mess around with these big box stores" if they don't follow the new protocols.

What you'll need: Dress up like a manager at any big box store (like Walmart, Costco, or even pay homage to Zellers maybe), and find a large enough gorilla stuffie that you can carry on your back.

Rod Phillips On Vacay

The reference: Ontario's former finance minister Rod Phillips (who is back in office as the province's long-term care minister) went on a Caribbean vacay to St. Bart's during a time where there was a stay-at-home order in place and surging COVID-19 cases. Ford was "extremely disappointed" and Phillips came to "deeply regret" his tropical trip.

What you'll need: Throw on your go-to tropical vacation 'fit, don a grey wig to match Phillips' hair, grab a summer drink and wallow in deep regret as you scroll through a smartphone.


The reference: Sometimes you don't know what you got until it's gone, and a lot of Ontarians felt that way when Zellers officially closed down for good in January 2020. But the beloved department store did show up for a pop-up in Burlington so shoppers could relish in its nostalgia again.

What you'll need: Sport a white shirt and draw the iconic Zellers logo with a red sharpie on the front. Easy-peasy! Want to go the extra mile? Try and dress up like the store mascot, Zeddy.

Kyle Lowry In A Miami Heat Jersey

The reference: This may be a painful one to dress up as, but it would be a way to pay homage to the G.R.O.A.T. Kyle Lowry, who announced that he'd be leaving the Raptors after playing nine seasons with them to join the Miami Heat.

What you'll need: To make it exact you can buy a Miami Heat jersey with Lowry's name on the back, but if that's too soon, just sport your next best Raptor's Lowry top.

Ontario's Lockdown


Ontario we still holding strong 🤣 #fyp #foryou #fypシ #viral #trending #funny #comedy #ontario #ontariolockdown #toronto #torontolife #jokes

The reference: Ontario has had so many lockdowns over the course of the pandemic that several memes came out of it. Now that we've moved past the stay-at-home orders, maybe we can poke some fun at it.

What you'll need: A shirt with a drawn calendar on it with a giant 'X' on each square to signify that the province is closed for business, wear a watch to keep track of the time the reopening phase kicks in, and maybe wrap yourself in a blanket since everyone spent their time at home and likely in bed anyway.

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