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9 Iconic Zellers Features That You Probably Won’t Find At Ontario's New Pop-Up Store

It's back, baby! Hudson's Bay has confirmed that Zellers has made an unofficial comeback in Canada via a pop-up shop in Burlington Mall, Ontario.

While the revamped version of the retro retail store is selling things like Canada-themed apparel, classic toys and more, some nostalgic features are unlikely to be returning any time soon.

For example, Retail Insider reports that mascot Zeddy will not be found at the pop-up store. For now, it looks like the iconic restaurants won't be reappearing either.

Although the new location might just fill the Zellers-shaped hole in your heart, here's a look at what else is unlikely to be found.

The restaurant

For now, it's unlikely that the classic Zellers restaurant is going to make a comeback alongside the pop-up shop.

The retro resto is nowhere to be found at the Burlington Mall location and — although a Hudson's Bay spokesperson has revealed that more pop-up locations could be coming — there has been no mention of reviving the fan-favourite restaurant.

The Zeddy Wheel

Arguably one of the chain's most nostalgic features, the Zeddy Wheel is a firm favourite among fans of the retailer.

It seemed a lot bigger and more exciting when you were five, eh?

Sadly, there has been no sighting of this ride at the new pop-up and it's probably not a very convenient addition to the store, either.

The old merch

Upon hearing the news that Zellers was making a mini-comeback, some fans took to Twitter to talk about the best merch from the store's glory days.

"What is the point of a Zellers Pop-Up with no actual Zellers merch?! I can get a Cuisinart Blender on Amazon!" one person wrote.

Another added, "Zellers hasn't come back until they're once more selling Commodore 64s, BUM Equipment sweatshirts, and transparent touchtone phones. 1985-1992 Zellers or nothing!"

The diner

As the pop-up store is located inside Hudson's Bay, it seems improbable that a model of the original diner will be available for dine-in any time soon.

This will be disappointing news for some Zellers-lovers, though.

"Look, if they're not [bringing] back the Zellers diner, I want no part of this nonsense," wrote one Twitter user.

The food

Without the diner or the restaurant, sadly it seems like the food is unlikely to be returning in the near future.

This one might be for the best though, right?

Discussing the intangible taste of the Zellers hot chicken sandwich, one Twitter user said, "You can get something similar at Swiss Chalet, but just doesn't taste the same as the Zellers diner. I don't know if it's the ingredients or the haze wafting over from the restaurant's smoking section…"

Club Z

Diehard shoppers will remember (and possibly still have!) their Club Z plastic card.

The Zellers Club Z points program, which rewarded regular shoppers for spending, is unsurprisingly no longer active. The classic cards aren't available anymore, either.

The mascot

There's more bad news for anybody who has a special place in their heart for Zeddy Teddy.

The mascot, who was a symbol of the store for years, was adopted by Camp Trillium after Zellers' final facebook campaign "EVERYTHING MUST GO!"

This was the end of a nearly 30-year era and Zeddy hasn't made any sort of reappearance just yet.

The intercom

Unfortunately for nostalgia lovers, the original intercom that welcomed shoppers to each store is not likely to be making a return for now, either.

Being welcomed to a store inside another store could make things pretty confusing!

The classic Zellers ambiance

Ah, that je ne sais quoi!

"They can try to bring back #Zellers but it won't be the same unless the carpet floor is stained and has random toys and clothes thrown across the isles," wrote one fan online.

As awesome as Burlington Mall's new pop-up store is, it's almost definitely lacking that nostalgic, classic, old-school, inexplicable Zellers vibe.

We can still reminisce though, eh?

Courtesy of Hudson's Bay

Hudson's Bay is kicking it old school and bringing Zellers back from the archives for a pop-up shop in Ontario.

Fans of the closed-down retail chain can relive its glory days at the pop-up in Burlington Mall and score some signature Zellers apparel, toys, and more.

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