A TikToker Took A Sneak Peek At A New Zellers Store & There's A Lot To Unpack (VIDEO)

Ready for a burst of nostalgia?

One of the new Zellers locations. Right: Inside the unfinished Zellers store.
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One of the new Zellers locations. Right: Inside the unfinished Zellers store.

Zellers has been ramping up the excitement around its comeback, with announcements about everything from its new locations to the Zellers restaurant.

And it looks like Canadians are definitely feeling the buzz – especially one TikToker who took a sneak peek at an upcoming Zellers Canada store to find out what the new locations will look like.

Angela Chao — @mindlessdoodle on TikTok — says she saw "a little Zellers sign" at The Bay and had to go check it out.

"I'm so excited," she says in the clip, which received over 30,000 views and inspired a "part two" video.


Guess what I found while walking about today!!! #zellerscanada setting up the @Zellers at #erinmillstowncentre eek. So excited for this to come back this nostalgic moment in my childhood! I Remember eating at the restaurant as a kid, posing with the bears for photos. So much fun! I’ll be the first in line haha . This is located at erin mills town Centre in #mississauga 5100 Erin mills parkway! There no info on the opening date. I tried asking #zellersrestaurant #zellersreopening @insauga #tiktokcanada #hudsonsbay #canada #gta #shopping #canadashopping #fyp #foryou

In the second clip, she "sneakily" looked behind the black curtain at The Bay location near her in Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga.

Now, keep in mind that the store is unfinished, so it does look slightly chaotic.

Although it isn't a complete representation of what the new Zellers stores might look like, there's still so much to unpack.

To begin with, as Chao points out, there are some home furnishings. The video shows an offering of smaller furniture items, like side tables.

She also says there are school supplies, although the video doesn't show exactly what type of products are available.

The clip also spans a section full of pet beds and other cute pet accessories.


I sneakily looked behind the black curtain at @Zellers @The Bay coming to #erinmillstowncentre in #mississauga can’t wait to browse and check this out. It’s been since forever going to one! #zellers #zellersreopening #zellerscanada #sneakpeak #erinmills #fyp #grandopening #sauga #mississaugaontario #canadalife #tiktokcanada #hudsonbay #CapCut

And finally, parents might be happy to know that the Zellers comeback seems to include kids' clothes and baby accessories.

The branding of the store appears to still be Zellers' signature red and white, which is sure to bring a burst of nostalgia for those who remember the original concept.

There's even a wall with colourful Zeddy Teddy pictures which, as the video points out, would be ideal for selfies.

The clip received a mixed reaction on TikTok. While some users seem to be excited about the store's return, others aren't so sure.

"Looks like the usual disorganized chaos. Definitely a Zellers," one comment read.

"I want cheap clothes and snacks and the Zellers restaurant. That's all," another added.

The store has already confirmed that its iconic Zellers restaurant will not be making a comeback in 2023, although it has announced the launch of a Zellers food truck instead.

In fact, the Zellers food truck menu was recently revealed and it's packed with nostalgic favourites like the Big Z Burger and Grilled Cheese.

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