Zellers Has Revealed Its Official Restaurant Menu & It Includes So Many Nostalgic Favourites

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A Zellers store. Right: A grilled cheese sandwich.

A Zellers store. Right: A grilled cheese sandwich.

If you've been excited for the return of Zellers and Zellers restaurants in Canada this spring, here's one more thing to look forward to.

Zellers Canada has finally announced the official menu for its relaunch and it features some dishes that'll transport you straight back to your childhood.

Just to recap, earlier this year, Zellers launched an Instagram poll so its Canadian fans could choose the returning items.

The brand listed a total of nine dishes including onion rings, quesadilla, and a veggie burger as options.

Well, the results are finally out and these are the items that made the cut

  • Big Z Burger
  • Hot Chicken Sandwich
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Fries & Gravy.

All of these classics featured in Zellers original menu, so it's sure to supply a dose of nostalgia.

Before you get too excited about the return of the Zellers Restaurant, it is important to know that it will different from the original.

Given that these Zellers stores are going to be inside pre-existing Hudson's Bay Company locations, they won't be able to install fully functional restaurants and kitchens inside.

So, to make up for this fact, Zellers will be rolling out Zellers food trucks to serve up these hot eats.

While you won't be able to take a seat and hang out with all the other families, you can still get a taste of that burger or grilled cheese you remember from your childhood.

After these food trucks show up at the openings of Zellers locations across Canada, they will then go on a cross-country tour to bring some of that nostalgic magic to other locations.

The exact tour dates and locations have yet to be announced.

If you missed it, Zellers is coming back across Canada with locations in most of Canada's biggest cities, from Vancouver to Calgary to Winnipeg to the Greater Toronto Area to Sydney, Nova Scotia!

All ready to bring you back that red-and-white childhood dream.

Unfortunately, there is no official opening date for the locations yet, but with Zellers previously stating that the store is coming back in "early 2023", it might not be too far away.

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