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Canada's Wonderland Revealed Why Rides Can Suddenly Stop & It's Not As Scary As You Think

Several viral videos have shown Wonderland riders getting stuck this year!

If you saw one of the viral videos of people getting stuck upside down at Canada's Wonderland earlier this year, the beloved amusement park wants you to know more about the safety precautions it has.

Canada's Wonderland recently published a blog post about the various safety precautions it takes to ensure all of its riders stay safe — part of which also explains why rides can suddenly stop.


When the ride gets stuck at the very top at Wonderland. Just a little sore

According to the post, there are a couple of reasons why rides unexpectedly stop. Wonderland has a "no-loose-articles policy" on all of their rides, so if ride operators see a passenger with their phone out they could stop the ride in order to keep the rest of the riders safe until the phone is put away.

Another reason is due to the ride's safety features.

"Most rides are built with a computerized control system that monitors the state of the ride such as speed conditions, positions of brakes, pneumatic and/or hydraulic pressures, passenger restraints and other systems related to the safe operation of the ride. If an unexpected condition occurs, the ride will stop itself in a safe way," Grace Peacock, director of communications for the park, wrote.


We were about to get on the ride then this happened... #canadaswonderland #fy #foryoupage

All rides are annually inspected by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Peacock wrote, with Wonderland's staff also carrying out daily, weekly and monthly inspections of each attraction throughout the park.

Since Canada's Wonderland opened its doors earlier this summer, TikTok videos showing the Lumberjack and Skyhawk rides halted mid-air surely made viewers (and riders) feel a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Thankfully, in both cases, guests were returned to the ground safely.

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